Win a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Yup, I received a free copy of XCOM Enemy Unknown on Steam to give away to my readers! But how do you win a copy of this fine strategy game? Here are the rules!
Hop over to Twitter and tweet…

“I read @GreatBitBlog because…”

Finish the tweet with a good reason and you might have a chance to win a copy of XCOM Enemy Unknown on Steam!
  • You must own a Steam account, if not, set one up over here…
  • Before Tweeting, be sure that the game will work on your PC, if you’re unsure, click here to check out the PC requirements before submitting.
  • You can only tweet the phrase once.
  • You cannot enter if you already own XCOM Enemy Unknown on your Steam account.
  • Tweets must be sent before 11:59pm GMT on the 29th of March.
So, have fun guys! I hope to see what you can come up with! 😀