Whatcha playing Ian? Dragon Quest V


There’s one game series that I’ve always wanted to get into and love, but fail in doing so; that series is Dragon Quest. It’s not that the games are bad or anything, it’s more to do with me picking the game up, playing it for an hour, and then move on to something else where the game just gets abandoned. I known a fair number of these Dragon Quest games, 1 and 2 on my Android phone, 4 and 5 on the DS, 8 on the PS2, and 9 on the DS. However each of these games have not seen a lot of love from me, which is crazy considering that the Dragon Quest games are the biggest RPG franchise in Japan. I’ve really struggled to understand what makes the Dragon Quest games amazing until a set of fortunate events happened.


Whilst listening to the Retronauts latest podcast, where they talk about the DS, Kat Bailey was gushing over the DS version of Dragon Quest V. She explained that it was the first Dragon Quest game she played, and her favourite game in the series. So I thought to myself, maybe I should actually play this game seeing as I have it. I booted it up, noticed that I only played about an hour and fifteen minutes of it before I abandoned it. So I plucked up the courage to play this game, and I’m finally in!


Get it? There are some funny names in this DS version of the game!


IMG_20150122_124645 IMG_20150122_133531

I’m glad that I’ve finally got into a Dragon Quest game for once! Not only that but I got my DS Lite out rather than playing it on the 3DS. Better battery life, and it wont do that nasty up-scaling that the 3DS does to original DS games. Yes I know you can do the Start and Select trick to get like-for-like resolution, but I still don’t like it! Best to play it on a system it was made to be played on! I would get the DSi out, but I don’t know where it is! So I’m going to give my DS Lite a bit of love for a change. I’m currently 6 and a half hours into game, and I’ll be playing more of it!

Have you played the Dragon Quest games before? Ever had problems trying to like the series like me? Have you beaten any Dragon Quest games? Tell me in the comments below!