Whatcha’ Playing Ian? (24/March/2014)


Recently I’ve been hooked to a “Free-to-Play” game called Hawken. It is quite similar to a game that recently came out called Titan Fall, where you pilot a mech and fight off an opposing army. But as Titan Fall is full price game that can cost up to £45; you can install Hawken for free on Steam.

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There I am, playing this on Twitch TV when I just about started playing the game for a few days. I’ve gotten a bit better since then.

The game is pretty much an FPS game involving mechs. But because the mechs are heavy, it doesn’t quite have twitch controls you’d expect from an FPS game that I would play such as Quake and Rise of the Triad, but it not as constrained and cover heavy like some other modern FPS games out there.


Think of it like Steel Battalion, but without the crazy Joystick! Now OK, the whole point of Steel Battalion is to use that joystick and foot pedals; however Steel Battalion was released in a huge wooden box with an insane £130 price tag! Granted, playing a mech game with the Steel Battalion joystick would be a great experience, but it’s simply not accessible from a space and budget viewpoint; and there were only two games that you can play with it.

Hawken on the other hand is a bit more accessible as it doesn’t require an insane joystick set up like Steel Battalion did, but it would be damn awesome to play Hawken with that Joystick! But it plays very well with just a keyboard and mouse, and once you learn the “weight” of the mech, you’ll be able to make sweet manoeuvres with a vehicle that might weigh a ton or two!


Now you’re going to wonder to yourself, “Oh no, it’s another ‘Free-to-play’ game! What micro-transactions are in there”! Yes the game does have the dreaded “Micro-Transactions”, but the only thing in the game that requires “real-money” payments are aesthetic cosmetics to give your mech a “unique” look. For example above I can stick the infamous blue screen of death on the windscreen of CRT-Recruit mech. It costs 720 Meteor points, which is £3 if you really want it. However, you can earn a few meteor points by ranking up your mech in the game. If you look closely, my CRT-Recruit has a GameBoy-like pixelated camouflage on it. That too is a “real-money” micro-transaction. But I purchased it with the few meteor points I earned  when I got my first rank up, which took me about 3 and a half hours to achieve.

So far I like the game; and after hearing that everything that I know about Titan Fall is it and nothing new before I even play the game myself, makes me agree that Hawken is the game to play. After all it’s free to download, and if you’ve got time to waste, this is the game to do it! Amazingly this is the one game I’ve played the most this year at a crazy 9 hours! Considering that some games in my collection hardly get touched, it’s nice to know that I’m putting more time into the games I got, even if I haven’t purchased them!