Vlog Number 5: Gauntlet, Smash Bros, and a new Microphone.


Hey there peeps, I haven’t vlogged in a while. Work has been insane for me recently as new university students coming in wanting a lot of stuff and multiplying sales like crazy. But this isn’t about my work, this is about games! I got Gauntlet, awesome game, I’m hoping to review it soon. I got Smash Bros for 3DS, great game, the 3DS controls might not be the best, but it’s awesome to have Smash on a portable. I got a new microphone, meaning you’ll hear my voice with much higher fidelity than before. So sit back and enjoy looking at my worn out face!

Have you been playing the new Smash Bros Game? Do you enjoy the new Gauntlet? Tell me about in the comments below!