Virtual Console Games you Should already have (need) on your Wii: Part 3!

Here’s the final part of “What virtual console game you should have!”. So what will we have here then!?



Enix’s part god sim, part platform/brawler, Actraiser, is simply a keeper on the virtual console. I remember seeing this game back in the day and wondering what it was about, remember kids, this was before the internet, and oddly I don’t recall any magazine reviews about it. It was reviewed before I got into gaming magazines back in 1991, after all it was released in 1990. But with the advent of the internet and the Wii Virtual console, I saw youtube videos and reviews of this game, so I got it, and it’s worth it. So worth it I wouldn’t mind owning a physical copy of this for my SNES!

GunStar Heroes

One of my favorite Mega Drive games, GunStar Heroes, is a fantastic run and gun game that doesn’t kick you in the face like what Contra does, but does it in a way that you will still love it without insane difficulty! I love this game so much I own two copies of it on the MegaDrive, on the PS3, and the not as hot sequel on the GBA. So if you like Contra, and like the idea of mixing guns, yes you can do that in this game! Then this should be an automatic pick up for Wii owners!

Impossible Mission

I’m not a huge-huge fan of Epyx, but Epyx has done two “epic” things in their history. The Epyx Stick, and Impossible Mission! Impossible Mission is just one of those quintessential Commodore 64 games that everyone should own, but not everyone owns a Commodore 64; or even an interest in a name of a game that sounds like Mission Impossible with it’s words switched around. If you’re a fan of Prince Persia, then you should consider downloading Impossible Mission onto your Wii.

Sin and Punishment

Back in early 2000’s, Nintendo of America was planing on releasing Treasure’s Sin and Punishment to the west, but they did this just as Nintendo Japan announced the Game Cube, Nintendo of America ditched the idea of releasing the game in the west. Sin and Punishment for some time has been a collector’s item for N64 fans with a lot of money. But when Nintendo announced that they were going to release Sin and Punishment onto the virtual console with translates menus, Sin and Punishment became one of Nintendo’s top downloaded virtual console games that year. You can even read a review of the game I wrote back then.