Virtual Console Games you Should already have (need) on your Wii: Part 1!

I’ve been on the Twitter-verse today talking to some gaming peeps when I came across @RetroHunter asking for what TurboGrafx 16 games to get. I ended up telling him that I know some great games because I got them from the Wii Virtual Console. Until I got this reply…

To be honest, most people with a Wii hardly took advantage of the great games that were to offer on the Wii’s virtual console. So as one of the rare people who actually used the virtual, let me tell you what Virtual Console games you should have on your Wii/WiiU!

Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels.

Any Super Mario Bros fan should be able to tell you about the odd mix up that happened with the sequel for Super Mario Bros. In Japan, Super Mario Bros 2 was a different game to the one that was released in the west. The reason being was that Nintendo of America thought that Western gamers wouldn’t be able to handle the difficulty that the new game in Japan had. So they released a re-skinned Mario version of a Famicom game called Doki Doki Panic and sent it to the west. We didn’t get to the real sequel until Super Mario All Stars came out in 1993 for the SNES. But that was a remake with improved graphics. But back in 2007, Nintendo released the real Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 as a limited import title on the Virtual console. But a couple of years later put it back on the shop channel and kept it there. If you like tough games on the lines of I wanna be the Guy, this is a great game to get! Not to mention the fact that it runs in 60Hz for each PAL gamers!

Devil’s Crush

I’ve been needing to write a review for this game for a long… time! I’m bad and I keep putting it off. But Devil’s crush is simply one a TurboGrafx 16 game that mustn’t been ignored! Created by Naxatsoft, it’s a part of their Crush Pinball series that includes Alien Crush and Jaki Crush. But out of those games, Devil’s Crush is the one to go for! It’s an awesome video pinball machine that doesn’t care too much about being a pure pinball game, rather it uses more video game mechanics than real pinball physics, it becomes a game where even Pinball loyalists can appreciate. Let’s not forgot the music in this game! Sure it’s only a 10 second guitar riff in an infinite loop. But it’s the greatest 10 second guitar riff in a loop ever that will get any rock fan doing bull horns with their hands whilst playing this game! The best way to describe this game is that if Gauntlet or Golden Axe had a pinball machine, this is it!

Gradius 2 (TGCD Version)

I have a soft spot for Gradius on the NES. It’s such a great sh’mup! Thing is I never got on to well with the sequels. Back in 2006, Konami released a collection of Gradius games on the PSP called the Gradius Collection, I was excited for it, but found that I was only playing the first game on it. They just weren’t as good as the NES classic for me. However a review came up on Nintendo Life that told me that I should have some interest in this game. So I took the risk! I bought it, downloaded it, and oh yes, this version is so much better than the arcade port on the PSP! Not only are the graphics slightly improved, but there’s CD audio for it’s music that’s rocking! And there’s a secret level on it that’s exclusive on this TurboGrafx CD version! In all fairness, this one port I would go as far as even saying is better than it’s arcade edition. It’s might be a little pricey as it’s 900 Wii Points, but it well worth getting!

Space Harrier (Virtual Console Arcade)

Enter the Fantasy Zone! Are you ready! Possibly one of my many favourite games at the arcades, the thought of playing the the arcade version of Space Harrier without having to haul the Sega Saturn out of the attic was awesome! And playing this game with the classic controller’s analogue stick is brilliant too. I mean OK it does have that hoaky “Treat your Wii Remote and nunchuk like a flight yolk thing” that never really works, but playing this on a big screen with a real analogue controller is a treat. I’m a huge Yu Suzuki fan so this is definitely in the “You must own this” list! …If only they put the original OutRun on Virtual Console Arcade…

Star Force

Star Force is one game that not a lot of people would know about. Though some people may have hear of a shm’up called “Star Soldier”. Well Star Force is a prequel to Star Soldier, and is known quite well in Japan due to it’s gaming tournaments in the eighties where Takeshi Meijin earned his world record for pressing a button for 16 times a second. Now I wouldn’t have ever known about this game if it wasn’t for me getting addicted to Game Center CX!

There’s something brilliant in Star Force’s simplicity. You think it’s simple, but you end up finding out more and more things you can do to improve your score that isn’t quite obvious to begin with, then it turns into a much more complicated game where it’ll require patience and training to get the big scores. As a Shm’up fan I love it, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a great game in my books!

Keep your eyes out for Part 2 of “Virtual Console Games you Should already have (need) on your Wii” tomorrow!