Typing of the Dead: Overkill…? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

Oh man! Let me say this, Mavis Beacon was a touch typing edutainment title on the PC back in the day that taught people how to touch type. But in 1999 Sega proved to all of us that Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, well… sucks! Why have a game where you practise typing with a set of sub-par mini games such as race driving when you can shoot zombies in the face with a keyboard!!!


Typing of the Dead was a great edutainment game that actually felt like it was more of a game than a touch typing program. It was identical to House of the Dead 2, but this time you shoot the undead zombies by typing in words and phrases that appear just below their heads. Typing it in correctly would kill off the zombie, but typing it incorrectly would take up your time, causing the said zombie a better chance to harm you!


But last night, getting exciting to download the infamous Deadly Premonition, I found this on Steam! A NEW TYPING OF THE DEAD GAME! What made things even better is that it was based on the latest House of the Dead game, Overkill! Which I loved on the Wii! So yeah, screw Deadly Premonition! Typing of the Dead: Overkill was an instant purchase for me! 😀

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Yup, those classic cutscenes before each level is the game! Just like the game before it, it’s practically the same game, but unlike the first Typing of the Dead, the Overkill swearing and adult humour in it! To point things out, I originally played this on the Wii, but this version is based on the PS3 remake, so it’s HD with better visuals, better textures and better use of film grain too.

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Yes, I’m playing this on “bitch” mode, a.k.a. easy mode, because I suck at typing when I have to copy words from something other than my mind. But the great thing about this game, including the game before it, is it’s not scared to use words the wouldn’t be used in other touch typing games!


…Dung indeed…

What cool about The Typing of the Dead: Overkill on Steam is that you can play the original House of the Dead Overkill. But playing the game with a mouse kinda sucks, and playing with a controller is even worse. Maybe I’ll find a way to get a Wii Remote to act as a mouse on my PC through a Bluetooth receiver and play it as a mouse, and use the Wii remote like a light gun. But pretty much I’ve bought this game because it’s Typing of the Dead: Overkill, not House of the Dead Overkill, I already have that on the Wii. The only issue I have with this game is that like the previous game, it doesn’t really TEACH you how to type, rather it’s a game to show off how quickly you can type. They could’ve added mini games in the vein of Mavis Beacon that improves your typing skills. But this game is pretty much a videogame where you win by being able to type accurately and quickly. So having a copy of Mavis Beacon might be handy if you want to get better at this game; but Typing of the Dead, and Typing of the Dead: Overkill will not make you better at typing I’m afraid. But it’s still one the best typing games you can get. So if you want a different way to kill zombies, go grab this game! It’s half price on Steam until the 1st of November! So check it out!