Trying out Steam OS


On the 13th, Valve released their Beta version of Steam OS and Steam Machine hardware to testers. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky 300 or so people who received a high-end Steam Machine, equipped with an nVidia Titan and the beta version of the Steam Controller; basically the pad with seen, but the OLED touch screen is replaced with 4 square buttons.

Lucky Bastard…

For those who didn’t get the Beta Steam Machine, we can still try out Steam OS in its Beta form. I was going to have a blast until I discovered a few catches. One, there’s no options during its installation phase to partition the drive for multiple OSes; instead it just finds a free hard drive and wipes it clean to install Steam OS. Two, the installer is put onto a USB flash drive, and then requires a PC that has a motherboard that uses a UEFI based BIOS; and it turns out that even if my machine it pretty decent, it doesn’t have a UEFI based BIOS on it!

Thing is, this is Linux after all… It’s open source after all; meaning that people can customise it and what not. So in just a day, a “Non UEFI” work around was made available on Reddit. I rip apart a 500GB external hard drive I wasn’t using and I actually made use of that Hard drive dock on the top of my Cooler Master CM 690-ii PC case!


Installation time!


I wasn’t taking a selfie, I had to take a screenshot with my phone as I couldn’t use print screen or F12 outside of a game. Plus it was a pain that there wasn’t a driver for my sound card on Steam OS yet. So I messed around with it in silence…


Hey check it out I can play Dive Kick on Steam OS!


Of course, Dive Kick doesn’t have a Linux version of it, but it’s a bit of a tease to show it off in Steam OS. Hopefully Valve has intentions to get Linux versions of these games…


Hey, at least Chaos Engine has Linux support!

Personally Steam OS is baby step towards Linux gaming, and putting PC games in the living room. The issue is that only 15% of the 400+ games I have on Steam has Linux support. So using this has quite a limited use, not to mention not being able to play games I get from, they only have games for PC and Mac. I do have a few games from Humble Bundle that have Linux versions, but I’m not too sure about how to get them running inside Steam OS.

Personally, if I was to build a “Steam Machine”, I would just put Window 7s on it. As much as people like to bitch and moan about Windows, it’s still the best platform for PC gaming. I wouldn’t just spend £300+ on hardware to only be able to run 15% of my Steam games on it. I would spend the extra 70 or so quid on an OEM copy of Windows 7 so that I can play ALL my Steam games on it, not to mention GOG games too. Steam OS is a nice idea, but it’s just too soon I’m afraid…