There’s a lot of GameBoy Pockets out there…


Doing a little bit of research on the different colours of GameBoy Pocket, I honestly thought there was a Silver, Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black models of the GameBoy Pocket. I then reminded myself that that US received an exclusive “Ice Blue” GameBoy Pocket that was a metallic light blue colour. However I found this image on a website to discover a whole lot more!


First is the “Original colour” GameBoy Pocket that has the mauve coloured A and B buttons, and the grey start and select buttons! As I love my DMG-01 brick back in the day, this thing is awesome I would love to get one! It turns out that this was only released in Asia. Maybe I can get Indie to hunt one down for me!


Then there’s this… A GameBoy with a Glow in the dark paint job on it! talk about freaking crazy, but yes, this is real. It’s a Japanese exclusive system with a photo-phosphorous coating on it, making the casing glow in the dark. Now imagine adding a back light to this thing! It needs to be done!


Here’s another exclusive GameBoy Pocket, this time it’s for the States. To celebrate Nintendo Power’s 100th issue, Nintendo Power were selling Gold coloured GameBoys with “Nintendo Power 100” written on the bezel. What’s amazing is that Nintendo Power originally sold these for $55 a piece, but sell for over $1000 on eBay!

I would love to own these different colours of the GameBoy Pocket. But I don’t want to be paying over $1000 for a Nintendo Power GameBoy Pocket! Likely I’ll get the basic colours and see if I can get myself an Original GameBoy coloured GameBoy Pocket because that thing looks awesome!