The return of ToeJam & Earl!


Here’s a Kickstarter that I might support, it’s the new ToeJam & Earl game made Greg Johnson who now works at a new game studio called, Humanature Studios. Sick of the fact that a, real, sequel to the original ToeJam & Earl MegaDrive/Genesis game never came out due to publishers pushing them to change the game, Greg Johnson and Humanature Studios are now working to make a new game for the PC without the pressure for publishers telling them how to make the game; and they’re doing this by getting funding from the fans over on Kickstarter.

The game in it’s early stages look great! It looks like they took some ideas from HotHead’s DeathSpank series. It uses simplistic models and backdrops, in this case two dimensional characters, on top of a three dimensional environment that’s randomly generated, just like the original game!

By the way, Greg Johnson is doing a REALLY bad Scottish accent in this video for the random…


Multiplayer can split and connect screens when Joejam and Earl are together or away from each other, just like the original game.


The rogue-like randomly generated levels are back too!

Got to love this video where an alien trying to be Greg Johnson is going around convincing other, alien, game designers to like his game, including an, alien, Tim Schafer, and an, alien, Will Wright. Awesome video!

Here’s an animated music video by Nathan, from NumaNature, using a track in the game done by Tonez the Prince and Greg Brown laying down some funky early 90s style rap and RnB.

If you like what you see you can support the KickStarter campaign right here.

You can follow Greg Johnson’s Twitter @ToejamGreg

You can follow the ToeJame and Earl Facebook page right here.

What do you think of the new ToeJam & Earl game? Will you be supporting the KickStarter? Are you a fan of the MegaDrive/Genesis games? Tell me in the comments below!