The Nintendo NX is being revealed today!


After much anticipation for the reveal of Nintendo’s next console, the Code-name: NX. Nintendo has announced this morning that the NX, or what is the NX, will be shown off today at 15:00 GMT.

Many Yotubers have been announcing rumours as much as they can to get any information, as well as criticism, about the new machine. Such as how Nintendo has taken way too much time to announce said-system.


Another rumour came out today that might explain why there was a delay to Nintendo’s announcement of the system. According the Nintendo Life, the NX’s launch Mario title wasn’t at Nintendo’s expectations, and not working very well. Wouldn’t it be terrible if the launch Mario title was a buggy mess at the announcement of the system.

At least we’ll get to find out today, even if Nintendo has a very short time to hype this system up before it’s launch in March of next year.