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Z is coming out on Steam!


So yeah! that RTS that I didn’t get to play back in the day. Not saying that sarcastically, I just didn’t get to play it back then! Is now being released on Steam. Unlike SpeedBall 2 HD, that remade the graphics, or Chaos Engine, where they didn’t change the graphics, but added an online mode. The Steam edition of Z appears to retain the same graphics as it’s Amiga and DOS predecessor, but plays the game in a higher resolution, meaning that you’ll see a lot more of the map without messing about with the graphics. It’ll be pixel perfect, but there will be 1080p screen support, meaning you’ll see a lot more on screen without it looking like arse on your 21st century 1920 * 1080 monitor!

The game will be coming out on the 7th of June, and hopefully I’ll be picking this classic RTS game up! Providing that it’s at a decent price!