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So… that new XBox then…


Wow, talk about confusing dates for this new XBox reveal. First I thought it was the 10th of May, then I was told it was the 29th of May. And now it’s going to be announced in two parts, the first part will be today, the 21st, and the second part will be the 29th. Either Microsoft has developed a huge ego to announce their new XBox or Microsoft is quickly trying to assemble their machines so that people can see it sooner.

Still, I hope I don’t want one… I’m sick with Microsoft’s XBox team, make more interesting games that doesn’t get ported to the PC, then I might pay some attention!

…Yes I’m aware that the logo up there is a fake, but I’d rather stick that one up than an XBox 360 logo when it’s going to be replaced…

The Next XBox name revealed a day before it’s announcement?

So yeah, last night, IGN left a Facebook update showing this image…


So yeah, XBox Infinity. I’m pretty sure this was once a joke on Cheap Ass Gamer on one April Fools that got them into trouble with Kotaku. It’ll be funny if it’s the actual name seeing that they will announce the next console later today. I just hope I won’t want it!