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Sony Announces New Playstation Now Service as Microsoft Cries Pitifully in the Corner


Sony  just announced more details about it’s upcoming streaming service Playstation Now at the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas. But before I dive into that bit of news, does anyone remember Gaikai?

A few years ago Gaikai was  founded partly  by Dave Perry (of Shiny and Earthworm Jim fame) as a game streaming service that streamed select AAA titles directly to your browser via YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. Because all of the content rendering was done on a remote server, even gamers with slow PCs could play, provided they had a fast enough internet connection. Needless to say, I was enticed by the idea of playing games without having to upgrade to the latest video card. Continue reading

Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

Yup, on the 5th of November, us Brits celebrate something called “Guy Fawkes Night”, where we celebrate the fact we executed a terrorist who attempted to blow up the House of Commons and Lords with dynamite and failed. Sounds a bit gruesome and nasty, but unlike the depiction of Guy Fawkes in V For Vendetta, Guy was a nut case who ran around Germany and Holland killing off Lutherans to support the Catholic Roman Holy Empire… So yeah, he deserved what he got to be honest… But let’s not think of that! Let’s think about why us Brits like Guy Fawkes night! Beer, bonfires, and fireworks! So let me show off Fireworks in Video games!


The first example of Fireworks in video games that I can think of is in Super Mario Bros on the NES. By grabbing the flag pole at the end on the level with the last digit on the time showing a number six, you’re awarded bonus points and six fireworks shooting off. You can do the same thing with three as the last digit on the time for three fireworks, and one for one firework. Continue reading

Alarm clock games!?

I have a hard time trying to get out of bed, it seems that no matter how much sleep I have, I either under, or over sleep, feeling like crap, and wanting more precious time for beddy bye byes… Well here’s a crazy concept, what if you turned waking up into a social game!?

Say hello to Wake Up Club. A free game making its way on the PlayStation Vita on the 15th of January.

The game is pretty simple, it encourages you to get out of bed rather than hitting snooze by comparing your ability to get out of bed with your friends and people over the Internet.

The game play is rather simple. As the alarm goes off, the PlayStation Vita screen unlocks and turns on. Your PlayStation Network avatar will bounce across the screen, and in order to turn the alarm off, you have to touch your moving avatar on the touch screen. However, if you continue to sleep, avatars of your friends and other players who have been successful in tapping their avatar will appear in your game and make more noise with the existing alarm. To get rid of noisy friend avatar you have to touch and swipe them off the screen, and you can only move one at a time. After clearing the screen you’re joined with friends and others who wake up at around the same time as your avatar invades the sleep time of other snoozing gamers.

Personally I think this is an AWESOME idea for a social game! Thing is, way PlayStation Vita? Well it’s a first party Sony developed game, so of course it’s going to be a Sony console exclusive. However…  I have found an alarm clock game for Android devices…

Here’s Brain-A-Wake!

The game isn’t as socially involved as Wake Up Club, but what Brain-A-Wake does is mix an Alarm clock with Brain Age.

When the alarm on your Android device goes off. It challenges you to a set of Brain Age like games where the player has to solve to turn the alarm off. But the idea behind this is that by the time you answered the questions right, your brain is awake because you had to force yourself to become alert to answer them. It sounds like a really cool idea, shame it’s presentation isn’t as flashy as the PlayStation Vita’s Wake Up Club. But it is earning high scores from users, so it might very well be a descent alarm clock game under some sub par presentation…

That’s not all though, there are alarm clocks out there with games built into them whereby to turn the alarm off, you have to play the game! This one for example is an alarm clock that been built using an Arduino kit that plays Tetris on it, but it’s aware of if you try to sleep again. A very cool home made alarm clock!

And somewhere out there on the internet you can actually purchase a Dance Machine alarm clock where you have to play a game of rhythmic simon to turn off a really loud 70s disco music.

As much as I liked Dance Dance Revolution back in the day, I’m not getting one of these! lol!