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Come on Sony, bring the PSTV Value pack over here!


I’ll admit it. I kinda want a Playstation TV. Games such as TXK, Freedom Wars and a bunch of great looking indie games the system is fairly attractive to me. However my gripe with the system is simply that once you buy the system, you still have to buy one of those damn Vita memory cards!


Now granted, the PlayStation TV does feature a one gigabyte internal memory to it; which the PlayStation Vita didn’t. But it bugs me to no end that if I get myself a PSTV, I would have to fork out a lot of money on these Vita memory cards, otherwise I’m stuck with a teeny tiny 1GB of memory!

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Personal Opinion: Console gaming now…

OK, I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with this blog, so I’m going to write this up, my opinion on the current state of console gaming…

Recently, well I say “Recently”, over the year, I’ve hardly touched any of my consoles; sure people use the classic “Hur hur! my Wii collects dust” quote to sound like everyone else. But for me, all three of my current generation consoles are sitting around not doing a lot. I might go and check what the latest downloadable game is, but with this thing called “The Internet” and “Other people doing it for you”, you can use open up a web browser on your PC and look it up. Plus with downloadable games on Steam out beating the likes of retail prices on current console games, the price of PC components dropping in price (OK, OK, I know about the stupid Hard drive Indonesian flooding thing that happened last year and the prices haven’t dropped since after the shortage, blah blah blah) and the shire amount of promoted indie games; PC gaming is just that much more attractive to me than console gaming. Let me elaborate!

Nintendo Wii:

Great game…  But it was the only great game this year for the Wii

Apart from the new Rhythm Heaven game, nothing has really come out, I mean sure La Mulana FINALLY came out on WiiWare, but that got busted when 3 weeks later it got released on GOG, and since then I haven’t touched the Wii since I went stupid and bought the same damn game on the PC through GOG. Now it’s understandable that Nintendo hasn’t done much with the Wii this year due to the release of the WiiU in November. But what a well to knock out a format that made you print money! Sure, half the internet bashed the Wii with the typical “It’s underpowered wah wah wah””, “The online sucks wah wah wah””, “I hate motion controls wah, wah, wah!”; but in my honest opinion, I liked what the Wii offered, even if every other company tried to make their own pathetic version of Wii Sports, there was a good amount of games on the system. But now with the Wii U out with hardly any worth while games on launch and with a silly price tag, Nintendo has kinda stubbed it’s little toe on the door frame this year, not to mention releasing four “New” Super Mario Bros games, all which have similar game play mechanics, in six years. They’re re-using Mario like how Activision is pumping out a new Call of Duty each year!

Sure there might be new online content, challenges and levels, it’s still pretty much the same game it was on the DS.

Microsoft XBox 360:

My PC brings all the games to the yard, damn right it’s better than yours…

Like to spend money on a service that already exists on other systems where it’s free!?!?!?!  Sure you do! You’re an Xbox Live Gold account owner, and you are totally oblivious to the fact that people playing games online on the PC don’t have to pay a thing…     …well unless it’s an MMO. Still! As silly morons pull out $50 a year to play Call of Duty and Halo 4 (Seriously now, Halo 4! talk about sticking to a “TRILOGY!”), I can play Left 4 Dead, Dark Souls, Portal 2, Serious Sam 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dead Island, Earth Defence Force, and good ol’ Killing Floor! (…oh dang, that’s not on 360 is it now?) for no additional fee, and the online experience is pretty descent. Non of this “Super Lag” that Live bozos think PC gaming is like. But apart from things such as online gaming, the hilarity of the 360 is simply the fact that about 75% of it’s games will get it’s way on the PC, and the likelihood is that it’ll be cheaper on the PC too.

OK, OK, the prices are barely any different here, but the PC version is still cheaper!

Plus, my PC’s specification kicks the 360 in the balls big time. We all need to remember that the 360 was released back in 2005, seven years a go! The system only has 512 Mega Bytes of RAM for crying out loud! My PC has 8 Giga Bytes of RAM. Now sure I spent about £600+ on my PC, which is 3 times the price of an XBox 360, but after paying £40 a year over the course of seven years, if you had XBox live since it’s launch, you would’ve invested the same amount of dough that could’ve been spent on a descent PC that could a lot more than what a 360 do, I mean come on, it took seven years to actually get Internet Explorer on the 360, and you need to use Kinect, sorry I’m going to laugh full heartedly to myself…

Then again, this year for my 360 wasn’t totally dead, at least I played a game on it that hasn’t got a PC release, Red Dead Redemption. My friend gave this game to me a couple of Christmases a go and I wasn’t interested in it, however just like with Hotline Miami and Fallout 3, I would discover that Red Dead Redemption is a pretty good game. But still, if it did have a PC release like L.A. Noire did, I might have picked up the PC edition of the game.

Sony PlayStation 3:

OK, I’ll admit, this has some recent love from me as there’s a small community of people on the GameGavel forums setting up online games of Worms Revolution on the PS3. This year, I have purchased games for the PS3, but most of these felt like expensive short thrills rather than engaging entertainment. For example I got Catherine, a great puzzle game that I was waiting for ages as it got released this year in Europe, but it was released last year in the US. I purchased Street X Tekken too, and had the same experience, a game I really wanted to get, to find that I would barely play it. Hopefully with Worm Revolution, and playing it with the folks at GameGavel might spark an interest in playing more PS3 games, but looking at what’s coming for the PS3 and nothing interests me, apart from the undated “The Last Guardian”…

You have no idea how much I want this game!

As a big fan of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, the Last Guardian is the next game in the series, featuring a huge monster that appears to be friendly to you, together you avoid guards who are trying to find you and put you back into the temples prison. As exciting as it might be, the game has been in hiatus for a stupidly long time, and a lot of the team behind the development of the game have either retired or quit, which isn’t a good sign! Seriously though, to have such a big title like this slip would be bad for Sony and Team ICO. I don’t know the details, politics and reasons for such a long delay, as this game was first shown back in 2009. But with it’s release in question, it’s pretty damn sour and makes me wonder if Sony understands what they’re doing.

Trolololololololololololo!  …urgh…
So there you have it. I ranted enough for this evening…

I’ll make sure the next blog is a review, heh!