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Happy Birthday PlayStation 2 (In Japan that is)


Fifteen years ago today, PlayStation 2 was released in Japan. So happy Birthday PS2! Maybe you’re a retro console now? Personally I don’t want to call the PS2 a retro console just yet, but it is 15 years old, so it kind of is to be honest!

Let me tell you the PlayStation 2 games that I really enjoyed…


First up there’s Shadow of the Colossus. This game really pushed the PlayStation Hardware to it’s limit, even slowing the system down to achieve it’s scope and epic-ness. You play as a young warrior called Wanda, who enters a forbidden land to revive his recently deceased lover and is told that if he slays each of the fifteen Colossi roaming the land, his lover will come back to life. You take on each Colossi by climbing onto them that makes the game feel a bit like a 3D Prince Persia, what I mean by that is the original game, not sands of time; locate a weak spot and stab it multiple times. This is a game that every PS2 owner should own, and if you don’t there’s even a PS3 remake along side with Ico that plays the game with PS3 hardware, so there’s no slow down like it’s PS2 version. Continue reading

I want to play this game: Rising Zan, The Samurai Gunman


Mr Random Dave showed me this crazy overlooked PlayStation action game called, Rising Zan The Samurai Gunman; and my word, I seriously need to try this game out!

After finding the intro of the game on YouTube, I really wanted to play this game so much! A Wild-west gunman who travels to Japan to become a Samurai and returns to save his town is a great plot, but what makes this better is how silly, over the top and how it never takes itself seriously, ever! Continue reading

Charity shop pick ups!

charity (1)

Today I went into town and visited the British Red Cross charity shop and found some great games! One game that I’ve been eyeing up for a while in there was the forth Broken Sword game, The Angel of Death, which was at £8, now reduced down to £2! I picked up a copy of GTA San Andreas on the PS2, Myst IV and V on PC, Quake 3 Arena on PC and Exit on the PSP.

charity (2)

One catch, again I’m, terrible at checking cases before purchasing! The copy of Broken Sword 4 didn’t have it’s disc in the case! Typically there’s a big CD wallet that the British Red Cross has for discs, I’m hoping that I can get over there one day and it’ll be waiting for me in their CD wallet!

There’s still PS2 development out there!?

Yeah… I had no idea about this, I found this tweet from @GamesAsylum and it looks like Konami still makes games for the ol’ faithful PS2! That’s crazy considering we’re in weeks of the PS4 launch!



This is no lie Gentlemen, this is real! Pro Evo 2014 for PS2!

So crazy! Could this be the REAL final game for the PS2?! Or are there anyone else out there STILL making games for the PS2 that we have no idea about!?