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Pinball FX2 on Steam.

Yup, Pinball FX2 has now been released on Steam to be played on my lovely PC. Making my XBox 360 more and more┬áredundant! In fact, if you’ve been watching my streams recently, I’ve been playing a fair amount of the Star Wars tables that I didn’t get on the Xbox 360 version.

Title Screen

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Pinball LOLZ

So yeah. Zen Studios released their popular Pinball FX2 on Steam. So I got it and downloaded the StarWars tables, as I didn’t get them for the XBox360 version. It’s pretty good, so I streamed a bit of it on my brand new “GreatBitStream” on twitch.tv. And well this happened!

Who-da-thunk-it that Yoda sounding like Duke Nukem would be damn funny! lol!