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So I got a WiiU


The WiiU GamePad, now with 100% more fingerprints!

Call it caving in, or just being tempted. A WiiU with two games for £50 less than when it came out a year and a half ago! I call that a deal in my opinion!

Regrettably the WiiU didn’t have a good start. It was priced a little too high, it didn’t have a killer app, and it was ultimately shadowed by the upcoming PS4 and XBoxOne consoled. In a grand attempt to get people to notice the system, Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 with a promotion, where when you register the game to your Club Nintendo account, you can pick a another game from a selection to download for free. So not only is there a WiiU console pack that comes with Mario Kart 8, but you can download another free game too! So as I mentioned above; a Nintendo WiiU, with Mario Kart 8, and a free game for £250. Now Nintendo got some heads turning including mine. Continue reading