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Return tOu-Ya


After a bit of neglect, I actually went downstairs and turned on the Ouya out of curiosity. After installing an update for it, I noticed how such more stable and smoother it is on the interface and game screen. The Discover Store isn’t totally perfect, but it’s use-able as always. But I did find some totally great games to play on it!

My Nuclear Octopus is one of them! It’s a clone of Tempest, except you can shoot in two directions, left and right, rather than towards you. The game has quite a lot of trippy graphics and a wee bit too much flashing and camera shake. If you suffer from epileptic seizures I highly recommend not playing this. However if you’re a big Tempest fan, I say go for it! Continue reading

I bought my first Micro-Transaction…


Yeah, yeah, moan and winge at me about it! At least it’s not Smurfberries!

Chess 2 came out today on the Ouya. So it was finally an excuse to pull out the Ouya that I’ve had hidden in a bag since I did the Retro Night at the Computer History Centre, which was way back in October! I had noticed that in order to play people online you have to pay 8 “Crowns”. The game does provide you with 240 Crowns to begin with, which is about 30 online games; and there was an offer for today where you can purchase 720 crowns (90 online games) for $5.99 on a one time offer. Personally I do hate it when people, such as Microsoft, invents a currency for the sake of confusing people. Ludemegames, the people behind Chess 2, should have made it in such a way so that only one crown was needed for an online game, making it easier to work out without needed to get the handy calculator out. But I’m sure there’s some kind of business decision behind it… *groan* Continue reading

PlayStation Vita… TV?


Well this is certainly interesting… I thought this was a joke, kinda like how Nintendo announced the 2DS, which I still need to blog about. But as I’m typing this as it appear on Kotaku, let me say that the last few weeks have been totally barmy in the console industry as Sony and Microsoft release their next generation consoles! Get your straight jackets and enter a world of insanity that makes total sense!?

Continue reading

Seriously IGN readers… Seriously…

There’s a reason why I gave up on IGN many moons ago. It wasn’t because of so called “reporters”, or who I call bloggers, who review games and earn a huge pay cheque each month. Most of which earn more than most newspaper reporters. but it’s just that IGN has turned into a cesspit and breeding ground for IGNorant trolls who don’t know any better. See what I did there… IGN-orant, OK OK, bad pun, likelihood is that you’ve seen that a trillion times already. But the comment section of IGN reviews and articles are turning into what GameTrailers.com had to put up with. It’s a shame that once a site becomes popular, be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anything else, the trolls pop up and infest the place… Continue reading

My weekend with the Ouya…


So I got myself an Ouya, and over the weekend I’ve been playing a lot of this machine. Some good stuff, some bad stuff.  But what do I think about this £99 console? Well… Why do we have to pay more for this! In the states it costs $99, but $99 is not £99, it’s £65! But talking about price, I’ll explain how this might get a little more pricey than expected depending on where you get it from. Let me explain… Continue reading

To Ouya it is!



So I went into a GAME store today, and I asked the guy at the till if they were getting any Ouyas on Friday. It turns out that they already had two consoles available. The guy even wanted to sell me one a day before the official launch in the UK, which is pretty crazy considering that if this was a PS4 they wouldn’t dare sell one until the launch day. Unfortunately I have no money, but I’m going to get paid tomorrow, so they were cool to reserve one for me for tomorrow. The only issue I have is that not only do I not have a HDMI capture card with a HDCP decrypter, the Ouya doesn’t have any analogue video outputs, so I won’t be able to stream the console onto Twitch. Which is a shame. But yeah, I’m going to be getting an Ouya tomorrow!

To Ouya, or not to Ouya…?


…That is the question!

Thing is, I’ve been looking at the Ouya since it was announced on KickStarter. And the Ouya Company did an awesome job to promote it, get it noticed, and make a crap ton of money before it even got released. So an applause to them big time. But here’s the problem, even when I stared at the KickStarter page like it was the second coming of Christ, I didn’t back it. Yeah, I’m one of those idiots who love the look of something on KickStarter and then never support said product or project. Continue reading

Fezing it up on other platforms and Telltale Poker Night 2!

Fez on other platforms.

Yup, one of my favourite Xbox Live arcade games, Fez, is going to get released on Steam, PS3, PSVita, Ouya, and iOS! It’s so nice to see this awesome game get out of Microsoft’s exclusivity.

Oh yes, I freaking love this 2.5D puzzle platformer! I love the fact that it’s getting some love for the Ouya too! I guess this is going to be another one of those games I have to purchase multiple times like I do with Super Mario Bros!
 Click here to check out Fez on 360 in the meanwhile before it releases on other consoles.

TellTale Poker Night 2.

What’s the best Poker game you can get? Poker Night from Telltale was awesome with it’s wit and humour. But yesterday they announce that there’s going to be a sequel! A Poker game sequel!? How does that work? Different personalities that’s what!

Sam from Sam and Max, Brock from Venture Bros, Ash from The Evil Dead, Claptrap from Borderlines, and to put the cherry on the top of the cake, GLADos from Portal is the game’s dealer! Heck yeah! It was announced yesterday, mind you it was the First of April, but TellTale did announce that this is real and no joke!

 Click here to play the First Poker Night game 😀