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GreatBitVlog 3: Mario Kart DLC and Lethal League


Today, the 27th of August, is a pretty awesome day as Mario Kart 8 DLC has been announced. In November the first DLC pack will be released, which features Link as a playable character, FZero and Excite Bike themed tracks, and Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon  as a usable vehicle. In May next year, the next DLC pack will feature the Animal Crossing Villager and Isabelle as playable characters.

Today, Reptile Games released a fighting game called Lethal League, a game I’ve been waiting for a while now. A flash demo has been on their site since last years’ EVO show. But now you can purchase the game and enjoy hitting your friends in the face with a high speed baseball!

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Whatcha’ Playing Ian (18/08/14) The Vlog Edition

Yup, I’ve been lazy again, so to add to that lazyness I made a Vlog rather than a Blog. Expect to see more of these soon.

What have you been playing? What games do you recommend for me to try out? Write in the comments below!

So I got a WiiU


The WiiU GamePad, now with 100% more fingerprints!

Call it caving in, or just being tempted. A WiiU with two games for £50 less than when it came out a year and a half ago! I call that a deal in my opinion!

Regrettably the WiiU didn’t have a good start. It was priced a little too high, it didn’t have a killer app, and it was ultimately shadowed by the upcoming PS4 and XBoxOne consoled. In a grand attempt to get people to notice the system, Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 with a promotion, where when you register the game to your Club Nintendo account, you can pick a another game from a selection to download for free. So not only is there a WiiU console pack that comes with Mario Kart 8, but you can download another free game too! So as I mentioned above; a Nintendo WiiU, with Mario Kart 8, and a free game for £250. Now Nintendo got some heads turning including mine. Continue reading

Could this finally be the reason to get a WiiU?


Nintendo this morning announced the last few details about Mario Kart 8 before releasing it on the 30th of May in Europe and the US. Along with showing off some cool new weapons such as the Crazy Eight, where your kart is surrounded with 1 of each of the basic items in the game; they explain more about gameplay mechanics such as bumping into other vehicles in anti-grav mode gives you a boost. But there’s something a little cooler than that! Continue reading

About time Nintendo…


When I first saw the WiiU at last year’s E3, I was a little confused about the choice of releasing Nintendo Land over something more successful like the original Wii’s Wii Sports. I honestly believed that a “Wii Sports HD” was in the works for Nintendo’s next machine. But of course, Nintendo needed a game to show off what the GamePad can do, and as it’s not really a motion controller; well it is, but not in one hand, a sports game wasn’t going to cut it. Continue reading