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An incy, teenie, weenie, tiny, bit more faith in Nintendo… Sort of…


So yeah, as the year comes to a close, Nintendo hasn’t done terribly well. The Wii U is a bit of a flop, and I have hardly purchased any more games for my 3DS, even though I should go and get myself a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening, I just don’t have any “drive” to go out and purchase anything Nintendo related; despite being a big Nintendo fan. Something that has bothered me a little is how Nintendo has treated the Super Mario franchise recently, rather than try something new and refreshing, they’re simply “rehashing” the game in sequels.¬†Out of eight Mario titles that have been released in the last five years, only three of them have been original. Those being Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario 3D Land. Since then there has been a Mario Galaxy 2, three more New Super Mario Bros, and an upcoming Super Mario 3D World being released on a console that’s not made for a stereoscopic 3D screen; kind of ironic really… Continue reading