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Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 13 “It’s Pop Quiz Time!”

As we get closer to finishing the Spectrum Episode, we discover that Koichi the whole time knew that Hikaru was dead, and that he was depressed about it.

I then had to do a crazy ass pop quiz, before finding out what really happened. Hiruma, the man who committed suicide, were chasing after Koichi and Hikaru before they got split up and Hikaru was caught between Hiruma and a crossing train. The fear got so much that he suffered a heart attack. What a bummer…

Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 12 “Columbo’s got this!”

Yup, I had to cheat again. It turns out that the only way to see the manager of the apartment is to find out that the shutters to the parking lot are locked; you do this by walking into it. Then you can talk to the manager on the ground floor where you can get the keys and we can find Koichi.

Despite the silly Columbo reference in this, Morikawa later on discovers Chizuru off duty, and a little bit of loving embrace happens in an alley… Maybe they were lovers after all huh?

Let’s Play The Silver Case: Part 11 “Have you seen this man!?”

So I become a member of the Heinous Crime Unit in this game. Now I’m a real private dick! And somehow I’m thrown into solving this so-called suicide case on my own. But I get caught up trying to help out a kid find his, ribbit-ing, friend. Issue is, I return the next day and now I have to work out a code written on a piece of paper, and I can’t quite figure it out…


Will I work this out in the next episode!