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Rest in Peace Ralph Baer


Ralph Baer, the man who made the first patent for a video game with his Madnavox Odyssey console died yesterday at the age of 92.

Magnavox Odyssey

Ralph Baer made the Magnavox Odyssey, a video game console that had interchangeable cartridges. It was released in 1972, 5 years before Atari released their 2600 console. Continue reading

The newest member of my gaming family…

Binatone (1)

OK, OK, I do slag off console gaming a bit, but on today’s travels to the car boot sale I found this baby! A Binatone Colour TV Game Mk6! Whilst I was there I had a peek to make sure if it was complete, the light gun was there and intact with it’s removable front sight, the manual on the other hand was missing, and the power supply was missing too. The seller was asking for £8 for it, honestly I thought that was a bit much considering there’s no PSU, but I noticed it used a 9 volt input with a 3.5mm jack for power; the same fitting as what an Atari 2600 would use. I said £7, he accepted, and I took this baby home. Continue reading