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GOG’s Double Insomnia Promotion.


Good Old Games are doing another limited game promotion. This time there’s a classic game up against a modern game. There are limited numbers of each game to sell, and when one get gets sold out, it get replaced with a new game. So keep you eyes out on awesome deals.

I got myself Monster Bash for 99p and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for £5.99. What games will you get? Tell me in the comments below.

I really want this game! Crawl.


Indie, Willy and myself are big fans of the new Gauntlet game that was released back in September. However I totally missed out on another hack and slash action game that was released on Steam Early Access in August.

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GOG Fall Sale time!


Being the silly unaware fool that I am, I missed out on reporting about this the very moment it started. Because of this I was very close to missing out on a great offer to get DreamFall: The Longest Journey for a whopping 80% off!


GOG will be changing their offers every 40 minutes, so be sure to keep an eye out and snag an offer for some awesome DRM free games!

Be sure to write in the comments below of any awesome games you got from the sale! Or maybe there’s a game that hasn’t appeared yet on the sale that you really want, but want it cheap! Come share it with in the comments below!

Trying out Steam OS


On the 13th, Valve released their Beta version of Steam OS and Steam Machine hardware to testers. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky 300 or so people who received a high-end Steam Machine, equipped with an nVidia Titan and the beta version of the Steam Controller; basically the pad with seen, but the OLED touch screen is replaced with 4 square buttons. Continue reading

Steam, Steam, Steam, and more Steam!!!


OK, I know, to most of you, you may have already heard of the stuff that Valve is making with the Steam trademark. There’s Steam OS, the Steam Controller, and Steam Machines. I like Steam! So let’s have a look into this! Continue reading

How to use DOSBox


One of the many things that my friends often ask me is how to run their old PC games on their new Windows 7 or Mac OS X machine. Well if it’s a DOS game, you’re in luck. DOSBox is a DOS virtual machine that you can run in Windows 7/8, and there are versions available for Mac OS and Linux too! Continue reading

Something Old, Something New, IN OUTER SPACE!

I’ve been really bad trying to keep up with my blog. However I’ve come up with an idea for an article where I talk about what Retro game, and what new school game that I’ve been recently playing. So here it goes…!

I’m going to make this a Space Age SOSN, so I’m going to start with Ron Hubbard’s Crazy Comets! Continue reading

My Latest Game Obsession: Guns of Icarus Online

I really need to keep up with my blog writing! I haven’t written anything is ages! So let me tell you about one game I got into after purchasing it from a Steam Daily Deal.

Gun of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online is the Player Vs Player online game sequel to Guns of Icarus, a cooperative game about manning an airship in a fantasy steam punk world. This on the other hand is still cooperative, but as I mentioned it’s the PvP version, meaning you’re up against other teams of people in airships rather than bots like in the first game.
Before you go out on your epic quests of glory in the high skies, you select one of three classes, Gunner, Engineer, and Pilot. The Gunner is quite obvious to describe, he or she takes hold of one of the many guns and cannons that are on the ship to gun down the enemy team’s ships. The Engineer frantically runs around fixing parts of the ship as it gets gunned down, and the Pilot steers the ship, positioning it right to avoid enemy fire and shot back. I picked the Engineer class, mainly because it gets me moving a lot, and I can buff any part of the ship to give it an edge in the skies. Shown above, here’s me fixing the pumps and the balloon as it got shot down pretty bad. You have to use what’s called a “Rebuilding Tool” that allows you to rebuild any part of the ship that reaches zero hit points, then you have to use a “Repair Tool” afterwards to raise it’s hit points. There are three tools the Engineer can use, there’s the rubber mallet, the adjustable wrench and the spanner. They can all be used for rebuilding and repairing, however they have different qualities. The Rubber mallet can repair at 200 hit points per cycle, but has the slowest rebuild time, the spanner only has a 30 hit point repair per cycle, but has the quickest rebuild time. The adjustable wrench on the other hand delivers about 110 hit points per cycle, and has a rebuild time somewhere between the two other tools, making it a good all rounder for fixing parts of the ship, no need to carry two other tools. Well, you need to bring 3 tools into each game, so I bring the wrench, a buffing hammer and a fire extinguisher. The buffing hammer is vital to give each part of the ship that extra boost, applying is to rotor can make the ship move faster, apply it to the guns and they can cause more damage, and applying it to the engine and hull gives the overall ship’s hit points an extra 15 percent more than it original did. The fire extinguisher is important to take out fires, as fires will quickly destroy the ship, it’s vital to get fires out quick to prevent prolong damage tot he hull.
I have yet to play any of the other classes yet, though there’s other to prevent you from grabbing the guns or the helm. Though you’re a little out of luck as Engineers can’t use more than 2 different kinds of ammunition, or use more than one of the special piloting items. Each class basically handles more items based on their skills. So more tools for the Engineer, more ammunition for the gunner, and more items such of telescopes and rocket fuel for the pilot.
So far I’m really liking the game, and trying to level up my Engineering skills. However I have had a few failures that involved me being in teams that like to do their own thing, or not quite understand what to do. I mean fair enough to noobs and what not, but when you have a level 4 pilot, you’d expect he can actual pilot the airship well rather than crash it into other ships or cliffs. Plus I’ve had a few arguments with other engineers on my team who have their priorities a bit skew-if, where they’ll be trying to fix the rotors that have half their hit points left, but the hull and engine is on fire and I can see ourselves burn and fall to our deaths. I could never see myself getting angry with strangers on an online game like this, but when I have fools around me it does tick me off, and I begin swearing especially when my team isn’t quite on track.
Guns of Icarus Online is a pretty fun online multiplayer game. It feels like an FPS shooter when it isn’t, and has a very big emphasis on team work. You can’t just have a team of gunners, who would pilot the ship and who would maintain it? It’s pretty balanced in that respect and that’s what I like about it. The Engineer might sound like a boring job in this kind of game, but the Engineer is vital to the ship’s survival, so that’s why I picked it. However there is a slight issue that I have with it, and that’s it’s price. At a price tag for £14.99, I think it’s a little steep considering how little is in the game. It would be nice to maybe see a few more classes and maybe a boat load (Hah! Pun!) of different maps. But in my opinion, £14.99 is a little too much considering what this game provides content wise, I mean heck there’s micro-transactions for customising the look of your character! It’s the kind of Steam game you purchase when it’s on offer, and that’s what I did when it was on offer for £5 on the 22nd of February.
So here’s hoping that it’ll go down in price so that it might encourage more people to purchase and play it, because it’s a great little online multiplayer game!

UPDATE: I didn’t realise this until I had a better look on the Steam store page, but you can get this game to run on Mac and Linux too! Good to include multi-format gaming!

Freeware Goodies: Tower of Heaven.

Sometimes there’s some good that comes out of freeware. Something original, something brilliant, something challenging and more importantly, something that makes you wonder why you haven’t purchased the damn game!

That game ladies and gentlemen, is a game called Tower of Heaven! (Tengoku no Tou)

As you can see in these screen shot, they possess that green tone a certain portable game system I really liked used to have 😉 That’s one of the many reasons why I like the game. But there’s more than just aesthetic style to this wonder of freeware entertainment. The games’ story is simple, there’s a little green man going to attempt to climb the tower of heaven. The voice of god doesn’t like this, but he set up challenges for our little green friend. These are done by 5 laws, these laws you collect in the game actually make the game harder, but make you think about how else to solve each room in the Tower of Heaven and ascend to the top.
  • Law 1, Thou shalt not touch golden blocks.
  • Law 2, Thou shalt not touch blocks or walls from the side.
  • Law 3, Thou shalt not walk left.
  • Law 4, Thou shalt not touch living things.
  • Law 5, Thou shalt no longer check the laws.
These crazy rules makes the later levels of Tower of Heaven a real pain, but the beauty to Tower of Heaven’s game play is that it tries not to be a “I Wanna be the Guy” or “I Wanna be the Booshy” with over the top difficulty. These are puzzles and platforming that are achievable and incredibly rewarding.
Pretty much the platforming does look a bit like IWBTG, but I can say that I’ve beaten this game many times, and it is possible to beat! It’s not made to be impossible, it’s made to challenge you! You just have to figure out how to reach the next door with the laws given to you.
The music is damn good too! Composed by the artist, Flashy Goodness, the music has an upbeat 8 Bit style that somehow works very well with this game. In fact Flashy Goodness has worked on a few other freeware titles too such as Super Smash Land and Grid Defender 2. Flashy’s music has been used in games that require actual money to purchase them, such as the iOS game, Bean’s Quest, and in the upcoming KickStarter funded PC and Mac game, Sealark: An Oceanic Adventure.
The game itself is short, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you beat the game, and it has an ending that I would say even beats the endings in most “Triple A titles”. There’s just something chilling and scary about the god in the game, and there’s an element of upward struggle, but this game is like the digital equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest. Once you beat the game, you let out a big sigh, and you feel good about beating the game, a good job on the challenge front.
In my opinion, this game needs more recognition. Even though it’s a cult game in some hardcore eyes. But it really is worthy of everyone to play it at least once just to know what the big fuss is about. There are a few ways you can play the game, you can head over to the coder’s website, askiisoft.com , where you can download the Windows executable; or if you’re a Mac or Linux user, you can head over to Newsgrounds and play the flash version of the game.
Tengoku no Tou…