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Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming!


After a few teasers that Rockstar put out on Facebook and Twitter, fans got excited for a possible new Red Dead game, and it turned out to be true! Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2 today, with a trailer coming out this Thursday.

What’s been said is that the game isn’t a sequel, but a prequel (Why call it Redemption 2 then?) The game will come out on the PS4 and XBox One in 2017, however a few gaming news sites such as IGN have speculated that there might be a chance to play this game on the PC and base their opinion based on the fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 eventually made it onto the PC a year after it’s console launch. Still doesn’t mean anything due to the fact that Redemption still hasn’t got a PC port yet! Rockstar also mentioned that Redemption 2 will come with an online mode named, Red Dead Online. Continue reading

Seriously IGN readers… Seriously…

There’s a reason why I gave up on IGN many moons ago. It wasn’t because of so called “reporters”, or who I call bloggers, who review games and earn a huge pay cheque each month. Most of which earn more than most newspaper reporters. but it’s just that IGN has turned into a cesspit and breeding ground for IGNorant trolls who don’t know any better. See what I did there… IGN-orant, OK OK, bad pun, likelihood is that you’ve seen that a trillion times already. But the comment section of IGN reviews and articles are turning into what GameTrailers.com had to put up with. It’s a shame that once a site becomes popular, be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anything else, the trolls pop up and infest the place… Continue reading

Return to the Review: Mario Kart DS

Back in 2005, the DS was finally picking up steam in the game department as better games got released. Back then I wrote a reader review for Mario Kart DS. It was a pretty good game, that and it’s focus on Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, made playing Mario Kart online fun, despite it’s flaws and easy exploits. It’s a shame that the 3DS game didn’t interest me in the slightest…


Continue reading

Whine, whine, bitch-bitch, whine.

OK, I do apologise for the lack of blog yesterday, but I’m putting this down as I’m quite annoyed about something 
So… I got home early today, in fact I go home early once a week due to the fact I have to work an extra half hour each day and my job doesn’t want to pay for it, so they’re happy to let me go home a little early. When I got home I found this email on my phone!
Oh yeah! New Sim City here I come!
So I got on my PC, went to my IGN account, went to grab the Sim City Beta access code to find this…
Let’s say I was terribly chuffed with this… I mean OK, it’s a closed Beta and all. But when you see this when the email was only sent to me 15 minutes before I tried to grab the code, wither IGN did something wrong, or a billion people tried to grab codes.
I’m annoyed, because I would love to actually try out this game as I love the SimCity franchise. But I began to read into more of the Beta code stuff, and I realised it may have not been my fault after all. Reading some of the small print, the idea is that you apply for the code, and you have to wait until 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, West coast American time to us Brits. Pacific Standard Time, or PST, is 8 hours behind GMT (Greenwich Mean Time to you yanks out there), but here’s something I noticed…
They sent the email to me at 5:02 PM. Take 8 hours away from that, and it’s 9:02 AM. Meaning that they sent this email 2 minutes after SENDING OUT THE FINAL CODES OUT TO PEOPLE! D:< *RAGE*
How can they send emails out like this so damn late! If I had it sent sooner I might have had a chance. Plus I had no idea that IGN were handing out beta access codes for the New SimCity, I honestly thought only Origin were doing that. But of course…  my email gets sloppily sent bloody late and now I can’t play the New SimCity!
Good thing I cancelled my next IGN Prime subscription anyway…  Screw you guys!
First world issues yo…