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Charity Shop Pickups (31/March/14)

Today has been a good day for a bit of Charity shopping! Check out this! I got a whole bunch of BradyGames and Prima guides on some classic adventure games, plus a copy of Diablo 2 and Grand Theft Auto 2 for the PC.


The books are in great condition, and I got them all for less than £1.50 each, considering that their RRP back in the day were $20 a pop! The original price tags are still stuck on them! And yes in US dollars, they must have come from the States, and then donated to the shop.

I own all these games thanks to GOG.com! Now when I get stuck on a certain part of these games I can find out the solution! I know, there’s the internet, but there’s something nice about guide books, especially guides that are in good condition and really cheap! Not to mention the money went to the British Red Cross. So all’s good!