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Charity shop pick ups!

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Today I went into town and visited the British Red Cross charity shop and found some great games! One game that I’ve been eyeing up for a while in there was the forth Broken Sword game, The Angel of Death, which was at £8, now reduced down to £2! I picked up a copy of GTA San Andreas on the PS2, Myst IV and V on PC, Quake 3 Arena on PC and Exit on the PSP.

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One catch, again I’m, terrible at checking cases before purchasing! The copy of Broken Sword 4 didn’t have it’s disc in the case! Typically there’s a big CD wallet that the British Red Cross has for discs, I’m hoping that I can get over there one day and it’ll be waiting for me in their CD wallet!

Many Thanks!



It might be a little late to say this, but many thanks to everyone who donated to my 24 Hour gaming stream on Saturday! I managed to make $215! $15 over the target!


A big thanks to Scott Schreiber from Retro Gaming Roundup put a huge $100 towards the cause! Thankyou to you all!

24 Hour Video Pinball Charity Time!


Yup, it’s begun, so watch me right here!

Watch live video from GreatBitBlog on www.twitch.tv

Be sure to donate as much as you can right here at ExtraLife, it’s a charity that works with Children’s Hospitals, and I have a target of $200 to make. I’ll be giving out prizes on the show too, could you win? You’ll have an opportunity to if you donate!

I’m going to play Pinball for Charity!


Yup, I’m participating in Children’s National Extra Life event, they just recently extended their events up to the 31st of December!


As I’m now mega hooked on the Steam version of Pinball Arcade I’m going to attempt to play Pinball for 24 hours for charity!

I have set up a Facebook page for it Right Here! Otherwise if you’re not a Facebook User you can see my Charity page Right here! My target is to raise $200 USD. Yes it’s in US dollars, the money will be going to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. They deal with children who enter the US for serious medical attention that other countries might not provide. Not only do they provide medical assistance, but they provide financial help to other hospitals around the world.

So watch me from 12:00 noon GMT 16th of November, the event will end noon the next day the 17th, hopefully by then I would have raised my $200 target and got some major highscores! I hope to see you there! 😀