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The Nintendo NX is being revealed today!


After much anticipation for the reveal of Nintendo’s next console, the Code-name: NX. Nintendo has announced this morning that the NX, or what is the NX, will be shown off today at 15:00 GMT. Continue reading

The return of the Blog!


Yup, I’m actually going to try and bring this blog back from the dead and do something with it! Yup, I’m going to bring this thing back from the dead, and it’s coincidental that I’m doing this in October! One of the jolts into reviving this blog is that I’ve started to record Let’s Plays of a new game that I’ve been waiting for, and I have plans to make videos and reviews, so keep you eyes out on this Blog, because this Frankenstein monster is going to get wild!

Sid Meier’s Starships Announcement

starshipsToday, Firaxis announced a new upcoming game that will be based on their current game Civilization Beyond Earth, called Sid Meier’s Starships.

This is the only video shown, it doesn’t really show much, but I have a hunch on what it might be like… Continue reading

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball is going gold in February!


If you might remember, I covered detailed of an awesome first person sports game called Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball early last year. Well here’s an announcement!

You heard it from the horses mouth! RRDDD is finally going gold on the 19th of February, not only that but check out that awesome artwork for the game! I really hope that there’s going to be a boxed copy with that artwork on it! Continue reading

Introducing Pokken Tournament.


Namco Bandai last night announced on a Nico-Nico live feed what that mystery game was shown at the Pokemon Game Show last year.


It turns out that Namco and Nintendo have been working together to create a Pokemon fighting game using the Tekken fighting system, calling it “Pokken”.

What’s interesting is that Namco announced that Pokken will be aimed towards an adult audience. Mainly Adult gamers who play fighting games and grew up with the Pokemon franchise. Likelihood is that the cooler and tougher looking pokemon will appear in this fighting game.

Namco announced that Pokken will be released in Japanese Game Centers (Namco Stations will be likely, Namco’s brand of arcade) in 2015, but there’s no announcement of a console release, or even if it will be released in the west.

PacMan joins Smash Bros.


Yup, even though Namco denied it before, PacMan was announced at the Nintendo Round table conference at E3 and was announced publicly afterwards.

He’s pretty much as I thought he would be in the game. But he can summon sprites from other Namco games like Galaxian, Xevious, Bosconian, Mappy and the PacMan ghosts.


On the WiiU, PacMan’s level is a scrolling PacLand stage.


On the 3DS, PacMac’s level is a procedurally generated PacMac maze.

Happy 25th… and one day GameBoy!


OK, OK, I’m late by a day. But I at least celebrated it on Twitter!

Which keeps on proving the point that I’m a lazy son of a bitch who can’t get things done on time! Continue reading

So… that new XBox then…


Wow, talk about confusing dates for this new XBox reveal. First I thought it was the 10th of May, then I was told it was the 29th of May. And now it’s going to be announced in two parts, the first part will be today, the 21st, and the second part will be the 29th. Either Microsoft has developed a huge ego to announce their new XBox or Microsoft is quickly trying to assemble their machines so that people can see it sooner.

Still, I hope I don’t want one… I’m sick with Microsoft’s XBox team, make more interesting games that doesn’t get ported to the PC, then I might pay some attention!

…Yes I’m aware that the logo up there is a fake, but I’d rather stick that one up than an XBox 360 logo when it’s going to be replaced…