Summer Sales


I’ve been super lazy with my blog, mainly due to the fact that GOG and Steam had their summer sales going on. So how about I tell you what I got!


From GOG, I bought a whole bunch of games! I got the entire Tex Murphy series, yes I know that Under a Killing Moon is not in this, I bought that game a while back when it was on a daily deal for a dollar. Out of all these games I got, I played Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe the most! It’s a really good puzzle game, it’s basically a better version of Tetris Plus.

Steam on the other hand started off slow, but it got better…


The Steam games I really enjoyed out of this were Turbo Dismount…

Enemy Mind

Game Dev Tycoon

Strike Vector

…and Crimzon Clover World Ignition!

Yeah… I bought a whole bunch of games! I can definitely say that I’m now more Back logged than ever before! Across both GOG and Steam I believe I spent about £220! My bank isn’t going to like me. But looking at the bright side of things, I got 94 games for £220! That’s almost £2.35 per game! Sure it’s a little excessive, especially for me anyway.

What did you guys get during the Summer Sales? Tell me through the comments below or Tweet me @GreatBitBlog.