Street Fighter on Virtual Boy?


Mr. Anon and MK, a pair of users from the Planet Virtual Boy website, went through the effort of porting Street Fighter II onto the Virtual Boy. Street Fighter II did get a port on the original GameBoy with Super GameBoy support, but not the ill-fated Virtual Boy. In-fact I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any fighting games apart from Telero Boxer, which was more of a PunchOut style boxing game rather than an arcade fighting game. The game is called Hyper Fighting, or obvious reasons…

SpeedyInk reviews the game, showing off everything he can seeing as this homebrew game has so little copies, not every Virtual Boy owner will be able to play it and check out the awesome manual. What’s really cool about this game is that it can use something called a Passiv Adapter that allows you to attach a SNES controller to the Virtual Boy for better controls, otherwise you can use the right D-pad on the controller as buttons. A 3D effect is used, there’s a 3D spinning globe in the character select screen, and when you fight in Dhalsim’s stage, there are elephants in the foreground that look like they’re quite close to you. Speaking of stages, some of them have been changed to those seen in Street Fighter Alpha, whilst using the characters and moves from Street Fighter II Turbo.


Now… Where can I find a damn Virtual Boy on the cheap!?

So what do you think of Street Fighters on the Virtual Boy? Will you be hunting one down? How much would you pay it? Or are you like me and still looking for a Virtual Boy!? Tell me in the comments below!