Steam Green Light Update (5/Feb/2014)


OK. I seriously have a problem! Laziness and Procrastination! To the point where I miss out on awesome new such as Erik Asmussen getting his game, Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodge Ball, got Greenlit on Steam Green Light!


There’s Disco Dodgeball! On the list directly below Richard & Alice, a point and click adventure that’s been on GOG for a while now.


Poltergeist, a game that our Ben “Vipp” Sterling is interested in has gotten onto the list!


Haunt the House: Terrortown, a game that appeared on GameGrumps’ Steam Train, is on the list!


…finally there’s this! Gigantic Army. A game that I was only aware of a couple of days ago. An awesome mecha run and gun style shooter!

Congratulations to everyone who got their game up on the Green Light! I hope to play these when they get released on Steam!