Something Old, Something New, IN OUTER SPACE!

I’ve been really bad trying to keep up with my blog. However I’ve come up with an idea for an article where I talk about what Retro game, and what new school game that I’ve been recently playing. So here it goes…!

I’m going to make this a Space Age SOSN, so I’m going to start with Ron Hubbard’s Crazy Comets! It’s funny how I find out about Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum games by listening to chip tunes! 8-Bit Weapon did a remix of this and put it on their Confidential 2.0 album. Then I discovered through YouTube that the Crazy Comets game actually looks pretty good! Then I emulated it, liked it, and bought a copy cheap from someone of eBay. It’s a great mix of Galaga, Asteroids and Exerion. You go around shooting at meteors and comets that are heading towards you rather then just from the top of the screen. It idea is you want to shoot them down quick or they will bounce around on the screen, ruining the amount of room you have to move around.

The new school game is an awesome space simulator called Kerbal Space Program! I’ve been getting into this game a lot! As one of Steam’s first “Early Access” games. It acts kinda like a paid beta, except unlike a beta you’ll get the completed gold version when it releases. But you’re aloud to point out bugs and problems in the games to the developers, just like an actual beta. So far I haven’t seen a game breaking bug yet, maybe the odd graphical glitch here and there, but nothing major. But the point of the game is simply to build a rocket ship and go where ever you like in space. But the rocket ship or space shuttle that you make must have the right equipment to it just like a real ship. So things like weight management, movement stabilisers, what kind of fuel you’re using, and aerodynamics all play a role in the ship that you build. The only complaint I have about the game is that there’s very little guidance in it. Unless you have access to someone who’s played the game before or like to read or watch many-many articles and videos, then you’re a bit stuffed. But fortunately for me I’ve been playing this a lot on stream and have had a lot of people give me good pointers on the game. And soon I’ll be making a ship that’ll take me to the moon, or “Mün” as it’s called in this game, lol! Plus if you purchase the game from Steam, You’ll have access to not just a Windows version, but to a Mac and Linux version too!