So… The Next Generation… Yeah…


So, it’s that time where we’re meant to get all excited about the new gaming hardware that’s coming out. OK, Nintendo did this a year in advance, but I’m including the Wii U as a whole for this particular article.

What gets me is that with this new generation coming, I should be excited, but I’m not, “Why?” you ask. It’s simple, looking at the games coming out, including the Wii U, it just doesn’t interest me in the slightest, and I know that in the next 2 to 3 years, PC tech would still be ahead of console gaming as a whole. Speaking of “Specification” and “Power”, one point that is brought to me is the fact that the PlayStation 4 features GDDR5 RAM, which is very fast, and PCs have yet to use this as main memory. For you non-techy people out there, GDDR5 is currently used in PC graphics cards, whilst the standard for main RAM in PCs at the moment is DDR3, which is quick, but not as fast as GDDR5. So fine, the PS4 has an advantage over PC gaming at the moment, that and it’s going to be cheaper than buying and building a PC with the same spec. But the way I see it is the same way that Commodore saw things back in the mid eighties; sure you can play games, but what else? You can have plenty of fun on an Atari 2600, but you can do your homework, run a business, and enjoy awesome games on a Commodore 64. I see the same thing with PCs, sure they’re going to cost more than a PS4, but they just do so much more in potential purpose. It’s the same reason for why I believe that consoles may eventually get snubbed out by smart phones and tablet computers, because they do more than just play games, AND they’re portable! Enough said… Even Matt Groening believes that’s the case! In the mobile Simpsons game, the Halloween update features a gravestone saying “Console Gaming”.


It’s a pity to think that what we once loved as kids might disappear due to lack of interest and different hardware. But it’s not ALL doom and gloom…

mighty No 9

For those who haven’t kept up with gaming news recently, Keiji Inufune, known for creating the MegaMan series, and losing his job at Capcom, made a VERY successful Kickstarter campaign for a whole new game inspired by his previous work, called Mighty No. 9. He raised enough money to hit all of his stretch goals, meaning that it’ll be released on almost everything, including extra characters and levels. This alone proves to Capcom that they shouldn’t have messed the MegaMan fan base around, and tried to keep Inafune. But we now have this to look forward to!


The only other game I’m looking forward to is Watch Dogs. Thing is, this game, along with Mighty No 9, is going to be released on multiple platforms, including the next and current generations and PC. There’s almost no need to purchase a next generation console to play this game, although the PS4 and WiiU versions of the game are meant to receive bonus content included, it doesn’t make me want to purchase a PS4 to play THAT version.

In general, I can see why some people might have an interest in the next generation of consoles. They’re console gamers, and I’ve been turned into a PC gamer. It’s hard for me to justify spending money on a piece of proprietary game hardware just to play a game when the PC version is going to be superior. Now granted there is a such thing as bad Console-to-PC ports, look at Dead Rising 2 as an example. But in an age where the first person shooter isn’t going to die any time soon, you’d think that the masses would grab their keyboards and mice. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, GoldenEye and Halo showed how to put FPS games on consoles, and there’s no sign of stopping. I might sound like Old Man Ian here, I just like to think that I’m a connoisseur of gaming 😛