Seriously IGN readers… Seriously…

There’s a reason why I gave up on IGN many moons ago. It wasn’t because of so called “reporters”, or who I call bloggers, who review games and earn a huge pay cheque each month. Most of which earn more than most newspaper reporters. but it’s just that IGN has turned into a cesspit and breeding ground for IGNorant trolls who don’t know any better. See what I did there… IGN-orant, OK OK, bad pun, likelihood is that you’ve seen that a trillion times already. But the comment section of IGN reviews and articles are turning into what had to put up with. It’s a shame that once a site becomes popular, be it Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or anything else, the trolls pop up and infest the place…

But before repeating the obvious over and over again, what I want to blog about here are IGN readers opinion on the Ouya, and how depressing it is to see how once there’s a product that tries to promote freedom to the developer and stuff, it becomes a talking point of how BAD it is and how much shovel-ware it’ll have and stuff. I mean come on people, do they really deserve this abuse!?


Reading that crap makes me realise that these fools are the ones who keep games like Madden and Call of Duty into media smash hits, breaking Movie and music sales. Because of this games that don’t deserve an ounce of notice get turned into mega hits. As an owner of the Ouya, I’m glad that people can get their games out on a platform without going through the issues that Team Meat and Phil Fish had to go through.

Not to mention that Fez 2 got cancelled! D:


I had to pull this from Joystiq because Phil Fish has blocked his account from people screaming at him online!

It’s stuff like this that really bothers me. Are people so “Pro-Mainstream” that they wont try anything else out? Sure I own mainstream systems too, but my attitude towards gaming now is it there’s a piece of gold in everything, and if you don’t have it, you’ll miss out. Clearly these IGN reader morons are missing out on some great Ouya games like A bit of a Fist of Awesome, and Amazing Frog. but I guess there’s a point where there’s a level of ignorance in everyone that will stop making them look and observe things. Heck so do I, every time I see another Military themed First Person Shooter, I turn myself off until I see something more exciting, like the new Rise of the Triad game fore example. Maybe I should be less ignorant myself and find a military shooter that’s worth playing. Still though, I’d rather play an indie game over a military shooter, lol!

I’m terrible, I know that!