Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball is going gold in February!


If you might remember, I covered detailed of an awesome first person sports game called Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball early last year. Well here’s an announcement!

You heard it from the horses mouth! RRDDD is finally going gold on the 19th of February, not only that but check out that awesome artwork for the game! I really hope that there’s going to be a boxed copy with that artwork on it!

It’s awesome that your game is finally getting finished and made gold Eric Asmussen! …please make physical copies of the game, please…

If you’re not aware, this marketing video made me want the game! (Bare in mind this was back in the beta days)

Be sure to get your copy from Steam, it’s still on early access, but will go gold on the 19th of February! Be sure to keep an eye on GreatBitBlog as I write up a full review of the gold version of RRDDD!

Have you played RRDDD yet? Were you on the beta before the Steam version appeared? Isn’t that video awesome!? Tell me in the comments below!