Review and Test of Space Invader Bottle Opener


People on Twitter will remember that I purchased some Space Invaders memorabilia, one of them being a Space Invaders Bottle Opener! Seeing as I haven’t wrote much recently, I’ll do a review for it! So yeah, Test this baby out with a good ole’ bottle of Cobra beer! Remember kids, Alcohol abuse is bad, leave alcohol to the grown ups!


Oh yup, it’s a plastic Space Invader, and it looks like a Space Invader. Mike Kennedy is pulling his hair out right now! Heh! But I better make sure this is the real deal! Seeing as Taito owns the design to the Space Invaders!


Flip it over, and there’s the bottle opener itself, and there’s the Copyright to Taito and from the right year too in 1978. Good to know I didn’t get a forgery! Keeping it real…


So, let’s open this bottle of smooth Cobra beer, just place the space invader on the bottle, slotting the cap into the opener, and pull! Mind you a bottle opener shaped as a space invader isn’t terrible practical, it would’ve been better if there was a handle on it, of if the opener itself was off to the side and not in the dead centre on the back of the Space Invader. Then again there’s an art to holding the Space Invader bottle opener, which is very different to your typical bottle opener. You just palm the whole invader, however as the invader in pixel art, it’s not the most ergonomic object to hold, but unlike the Ouya’s Dpad, at least the edges are rounded down for a little bit of added comfort, for what little comfort it has…


As a bottle opener it does the job, opens bottle caps like any other bottle opener. But this is a Space Invaders Bottle Opener, and that’s awesome, so thumbs up! I bought this for £2, so it’s not going to brae the bank, but it would be nice if they stuck a magnet on of this and turn it into an awesome fridge magnet! You open the door on your fridge, and the bottle opener is there stuck on the door, sounds terribly convenient, but it’s not there! But it doesn’t stop me from getting that magnetic vinyl with the adhesive back on them and just stick it onto my Space Invaders bottle opener!

Now you can get one of these online though eBay, but they cost almost twice as much as what I paid for! But there are plenty of other kinds of geeky bottle openers out there, leave a message below about any geeky bottle openers that you own!