Retro Night at the Centre of Computer History!

Aidy from the British IBM and I hosted a party yesterday at the Centre of Computer History, or just the Computer Museum as I like to call it, where a group of 50 gamers get to rekindle their gaming childhoods with systems of old, a couple of current systems too, whilst drinking beer and eating burgers! So here’s some photos of the event!


A Rare Japanese Toys ‘R’ Us gold Nintendo 64 and controllers. I always wondered why we got gold controllers but not a gold console…


It was dark and quiet before the event began…


Me testing the Super Famicom, Bomberman 3, the multitap, projector and speakers to make sure everything was up and running for the Bomberman tournament!


Elite on a 42″ HDTV? Blasphemy! …well it didn’t look bad at all to be honest, unless you put your face right up to the screen…


People trying out Aidy’s Lunar Panda game on Dean’s homemade MAME desktop cabinet.


3DO, Jaguar, PlayStation 1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and GameCube, some of the machines that were playable at the event in their exhibit stands.


Sega SG-1000… Why weren’t you playable last night! 🙁


The many-many micros that were playable that night. Ranging from Commodores, Ataris, Acorns, and even a Tatung Einstein!


In the entrance hall there’s a Philips CD-I, a Commodore VIC20, an MSX, Commodore CD32 and an Atari XE all playable for anyone who wanted to play.


WARNING! TERRIBLE PHOTO ALERT! There were arcade games at the event! A Galaga machine was available for free play, then there’s a 32 in 1 cab, a Super Street Fighter cab, and a


Terrible Photo Alert AGAIN! They had a Vectrex at the event! Sitting next to a Raspberry Pi running the FUSE Spectrum emulator with almost EVERY Spectrum game on it!


The Bomberman Tournament got hot quick, people scrambling for survival to get the prize!


Gotta hitch a ride on those kangaroos! they act as a second life!


Chris here was our winner of the Bomberman tournament! He went home with a certificate, a copy of Duke Nukum on Sega Saturn, a game from, and a GameBoy shaped lighter. Congratulations Chris!


There’s even bad games at the even! the Philips CD-I was playing Zelda: The wand of Gamelion. A game that Nintendo wished didn’t exist…


More winners here! from left to right, (I can’t remember his name… urgh…) won the Chuckie Egg highscore, Craig won the California Games Tournament, “Boyo” won the Galaga highscore, whilst the Centre’s manager, Jason, attempts to run away from the shot!

We’re hoping to do this again in the next 3 months, so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter if you’re interested in the next event!