Retro Night 22/August/14

The Centre of Computing History had another Retro Night, and I helped out the guys with our “Play Every Mario Kart Here” room!


All eight Mario Kart games was here. From SNES to WiiU!



This was popular! A sign for people who came to request games. Tie Fighter was popular!


The winner of our Mario Kart 64 Tournament was Jake! He goes home with a bottle of champagne and some games from


Bob here won a BBC Micro from our Tombola.


Some indie devs came too to show off their games. Here was Chompy Chomp Chomp, a game that has been on the PC and XBox Indie Games, but they were showing off the WiiU version of the game.


Here’s a Texas Instruments TRS-80, I never knew these were at the museum, but I got to play with one! The game on it is called BustOut, a break out clone that features gravity, meaning you’ll have to hit the ball harder with the bat. You do this by playing the game with an analogue joystick with no self centring.



R-Type Part 1 on the PC Engine, great port of the arcade game. Unlike its western release, the Japanese version came on 2 separate HuCards as the game couldn’t fit on a single ROM. The US version was released with a high price tag as both ROMs were set onto a single HuCard.


People were requesting Quake 2; unfortunately the museum doesn’t have a copy of the second game, but we have the first, and networked four machines for some multiplayer Death match gaming! It was quite popular at the Retro Night.


Not only was there an Oculus Rift on show, but so does a Sega Master System 3D Glasses system too. You gotta look cool when you play games in 3D!

It was a great night with lots of people! Keep an eye on the Centre of Computing History’s Facebook page for future Retro Nights!