Resurrection, again, and again.

As if I keep on resurrecting this dead horse, over and over again; I need to talk about a new plan I have. I’ve noticed a new wave of Twitch channels that concentrate on either a single game, a single game genre, or even a single game console, rather than just playing the latest and hottest game that’s out. So I’ve come up with the idea of returning to Twitch; but rather than trying to beat a random game, or play something that’s new, I would concentrate on the system that I loved as a kid, the humble GameBoy.

The plan is to start off playing GameBoy games on Friday evenings, after slowly build a crowd of watchers I will build a Discord channel where people can interact with me as I play games on Twitch. Then I can see if it’s all worth while and get back to writing about games and hopefully I’ll have a more positive outlook on things compared with what I have in previous months. I don’t want to turn this into a, I’m depressed, self-loathing loser; but I do sometimes feel like that, maybe a bit too much. But I really should pull myself out of the gutter of despair and continue to write, stream, and/or do something even if I feel super shitty.

I have acquired what I need to start streaming by collecting a few things from my parent’s attic. However I wasn’t able to find my GameCube’s power supply, so I had to order one from eBay; not the cheapest of buys at £11, which I believe is a little pricey for what it is, but I suppose you have to make sacrifices when you want to begin (again) doing things one the internet. I wasn’t happy to see that the front panel on my GameCube has developed a tan, even though it was in a storage box away from light. But I guess people watching the stream won’t care about that right? At least I still have my GameBoy Player, and it’s disc to get this all working. So keep your eyes-peeled, I’m going to be streaming again!