Post E3 2014 Analysis.


OK, I’ve had my bit of fun watching all the E3 conferences and shows. It’s not time to get to work and talk about the good and bad things about this year’s show.


Microsoft’s show was better this year compared to last year, it was fortunate that it wasn’t all to do with Sports and TV! Typically Microsoft and the XBox being the “First Person Shooter” console, they had to show off the next Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, pretty much like Modern Warfare, but now more sci-fi with more drones and flashy lights on body armour. As you might tell I don’t give a damn about the COD series, and personally I wish that Activision would concentrate on something else for a change!

After seeing Forza Horizon 2 and Witcher 3, I saw a game that I kinda knew about through from fake marketing of an energy drink called Overdrive. The game is called “Sunset Overdrive”, and the video starts off being a joke to other FPS games having to take cover behind things and having a character, who’s a bit doucheir than your typical douche-bag, destroy the enemy that trying to attack said “Call of Duty”-like soldier before doucey-Mc-DouceMeister explains his game, and looking at the gameplay it looks really cool. Imagine a third person contra game, but being able to do Sonic the Hedgehog like tricks such as grind rails and run up walls, then mix it up with Left 4 Dead style Co-op where you take out mutants who are simply people who have been drinking the Overdrive energy drink. It’s nice to see some colour in an XBox game! It’s just a shame that this is an XBox One exclusive title.

To hear that Conker is back was sweet! Even though he’s back in a game maker. What’s awesome is that this Game Maker, Project Spark, will be available on XBox One and PC!

Halo isn’t my thing, but there’s a collection pack for XBox One owners. Halo 1, 2, 3, and 4 are in one pack, and Halo 2 is getting a major remake in the collection too. Which is a lot better than what Nintendo did with the Super Mario Anniversary collection!

New Platinum Games game? Hell yeah! Creators of Bayonetta showed of an FMV sequence of a game called Scalebound. A game where you fight massive dinosaur-like creatures as your character can summon armour made of lizard scales. Personally I wish they showed some gameplay, but it got me pumped. Another XBox One exclusive though, but at least Microsoft is trying to get me interested this time!

In conclusion for Microsoft, they did a lot a better than last year, and showing off some games that will not just interest other XBox fans, but me too. I’m still a bit sceptical about the XBox One. But at least Microsoft is doing their best to get more people interested!


EA’s presentation was a little bit weaker than the other shows at this year’s E3. At least they showed off a new game that Criterion, the developers of BurnOut, is making, which to be honest looks pretty sweet!

DICE showed off a tiny little morsel of Mirrors Edge 2, but since we knew about this game from last year’s E3, it was disappointing to see so little of the game.

Even when EA showed a crap ton of sports games, who who can be surprised when it’s EA right? But EA got me hyped with the new Battlefield game, Battlefield Hardline. It’s mainly to do with the fact that they’ve ditched the typical World Ward 2/Modern warfare theme to have more of a cops and robbers vibe to it, and well, I was sold. I’ve never really had any interest in Battlefield before, but with this new game, heck yeah! I want to run around as a cop shooting bank heist criminals!

In conclusion for EA: Apart from the typical sports games, they did show a few interesting things, if maybe a bit lacking with Mirrors Edge in particular. Not a bad conference, but you could’ve shown more. Even if you did excite me with the new Criterion game and Battlefield Hardline.


Ubisoft’s E3 conference began with the Rabbid’s telling you how to enjoy the show in the style of a pre-movie announcement. I liked it at least, reminded me of the introduction to the Aquateen Hunger Force Movie, heh!

Ubisoft showed a cutscene for Farcry 4, but we won’t be seeing the gameplay until Sony’s conference.

Urgh… Aisha Tyler again… Aisha, stop! PLEASE. GO. A. WAY! Ubisoft, please use someone else next time!

Even though Microsoft showed off Assassin’s Creed Unity co-op multiplayer, Ubisoft showed off the single player, and I really dig the French Revolution theme.

Shape Up sounded like a cool idea, turning a workout into a video game. It just would’ve been nice if Ubisoft executives didin’t make it look terrible!

Then there’s Valiant Hearts, the World War 1 game through the eyes of a dog. Didn’t get any gameplay out of this conference, but this is the Ubisoft game I want to play!

In conclusion for Ubisoft: Some really interesting games were shown off, but Jesus guys Aisha again! She doesn’t make the company look good and gets really embarrassing with her self racist and sexist jokes I don’t really see why she’s there unless you have a really odd sense of humour. Then again, Ubisoft are French, so… Maybe that’s it! I kid. But honestly though, next year use someone else other than Aisha and her insane shoes!


Sony began their conference with Bungie’s Destiny. This time around the trailer showed off a lot of the game than we’ve seen before and understood the “Traveller” a bit more. It would’ve been nice if they showed a bit of gameplay like they did last year. But at least the game it a little bit more interesting this time around.

The Order 1866 was seen showing a bit of gameplay. What was seen looked a bit like a cross between Resident Evil and Heavy Rain with it’s third person controls and context sensitive gameplay.

MicroMolecule showed off Little Bit Planet 3 that looks a lot better than Little Big Planet 2 with all new characters, OddSock, Toogle and Swoop, there’s more multilevel gameplay as there’s more depth and new weapons such as the pumpinator, sorry that just sounds so wrong, heh! Regardless of dodgy sounding weapons, I’m quite hyped for this game, and I might get a PS4 to play it! Shame the microphone cuts out half way through this presentation!

FromSoftware showed off their next game called BloodBorne, I guessed that this was going to be the sequel to Demon’s Souls and DarkSouls, later on that night it was confirmed it was! It was a shame that there was no gameplay footage of the game, but it’s awesome to know that the next DarkSouls game is getting a new theme that’s based on 17th century plague ridden London.

Finally, UbiSoft showed off Farcry 4’s gameplay at Sony’s conference. No idea why they did that, unless Sony paid UbiSoft a lot of money to get them to play Far Cry 4 at their conference. But hey, wing suits and battling elephants! Awesome!

There’s Dead Island 2, this time based in California, though I’m pretty sure that California in the USA, and the USA isn’t an island. But I’m going to assume it’s based on an island off the coast of California. Concidering that I played a lot more of Dead Island than Skyrim, I think I’ll be picking this up. It was a shame we saw no gameplay though…

Now this was unexpected. Magicka 2 on PS4? Personally I’m not too sure how a game that used 8 keyboard keys and a mouse would work on a Dual Shock 4, but someone has. Chances are if a PC version of this game comes out, I’ll be getting it for the PC.

Oh yes! Suda51 announced his next game. Let it Die. Personally I wished I saw gameplay or even some FMV, rather than actors re-enacting what happens in the game. A little disappointing, but at least there’s a new Suda51 game in the works!

HelloGames showed off No Man’s Sky. Gameplay too! As much as it felt scripted, it’s one hell of a pretty game! Not too sure if this will be an exclusive or not. Exclusive or not, I’m getting this game! Even if it means getting a PS4 for it!

Sony announced the western release of the Vita TV, renamed as PlayStation TV, in Fall this year for $99. A Playstation Vita for $99 on your big screen TV? Heck yeah! I had no idea why Sony executives thought that people in the west wouldn’t want one, at least they listened.

OK, I didn’t like the way that Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City ended. So I skipped Asylum Origins, which I heard was pretty much more of the same. But in the new Arkham Knight game, we get to use the Batmobile! But not only is the Batmobile used for driving, but it can turn into a Metal Slug-esque tank and blow enemy drones up! Maybe I’ll give this Batman game a chance!

Konami showed a video of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before… And yes Big boss is smearing ashes into his face! Is he going to snap!?

In conclusion for Sony: They did a good job, although they didn’t show nearly as much gameplay as the companies this year, and if it, chances were that it was scripted, or a bit botched up like the Little Big Planet 3 reveal. But that doesn’t mean that Sony didn’t have a good show. I had interest with the PS4 before this years E3, and now I have more interest in the PS4 afterwards. However I do feel like Sony could’ve shown more games like Final Fantasy XV and at least officially say if Last Guardian is dead or not! As much as Sony’s conference was good, something felt lacking about it.


Shig (1)

The next day, Time Magazine leaked the StarFox WiiU game with the interview they had with Shigeru Miyamoto. I’ll get to this StarFox game later…

Nintendo’s Digital Event starts off with a Seth Green’s Robot Chicken animation showing off Reggie and other Nintendo characters making satirical jokes about themselves and Nintendo fans. I wouldn’t think Nintendo would allow this, but maybe they have a sense of humour after all?   …maybe?

Nintendo made the announcement for having Miis in Super Smash Bros. But that wasn’t the cool bit, the cool bit was seeing Reggie and Iwata fight each other in Street Fighter fashion leading me to think that maybe there was a Street Fighter game on the WiiU? But the idea of Miis and customisable move lists and classes is a brilliant addition to the game. But the presentation to this was amazing!

Bill Trinen, Shigeru Miyamoto’s translator, announced Nintendo’s NFC toys, called Amiibo. Personally it’s not my thing, however as Disney and Activison are making a fortune with these toys, so I can see why Nintendo is doing this. I just wish that they got someone else rather than Bill, sure he did well to present Tomodachi Life, but he was sound bland presenting these Amiibo toys!

The new Zelda game! Hell yeah! I will admit that they showed a bit too much of that field shot, but once the action begins it got better and more exciting! It sounds as if this’ll be the biggest Zelda game to date, maybe as big, or bigger as Skyrim! I’m not sure if a pony tail on Link suits him to be honest…

That rumour and photo of Mario Maker was true, and I love the Mario Paint theme to it, including the random fly buzzing around. I hope to make some Mario levels too, though it was unexpected that you’ll be able to play these levels in the New Super Mario Bros U engine too! I’m hoping that you can play in the Super Mario Bro 3 engine too!

Splatoon is Nintendo’s latest IP. Nintendo is using Splatoon to make a kid/family friendly online shooting game. Personally I think it’s great and share quite a few ideas from Disco Dodgeball! Nintendo would show off people playing this later on in the day.

Remember what I said earlier with StarFox, this was a bit of a tease, but this video shows off Shigeru playing the StarFox game that’s blurred out! Come on, show us something!

After the Digital Event, Nintendo Treehouse, Nintendo’s localisation team, presented what Nintendo was showing off at E3, with varying amount of success. You might not see these in Youtube videos, but the main problem is that Nintendo Treehouse aren’t quite savvy with media equipment. A lot of the time the microphones went out, you might hear other people, the Japanese Nintendo employees got confused, and was generally a huge mess. Nintendo Treehouse Employees would even play the same level of a game over and over again! It wasn’t as professional as their Digital Event video.

After all the hype and waiting for StarFox WiiU. It turned out that Shigeru Miyamoto wasn’t ready to show it off the public, despite the fact that he announced showing it off to a few at Nintendo’s private Roundtable event for the media! What a damn tease! In my opinion, if it wasn’t ready to be announced, why say anything about it! It would’ve been a nice surprise going into E3 to hear a new StarFox game, to find out that we’ll have to wait until Nintendo reveals it on a Nintendo Direct or some other games show!

In conclusion to Nintendo: They had some big announced and showed off their new IP. But two big issues, their Digital Event video was too short, and Nintendo Treehouse’s E3 live stream went on FOREVER! Not to mention the botching up of the camera men and the people behind the audio mixers. It was a little bit embarrassing to say the least. It was funny to hear someone say “I don’t like him” over a demonstration of Splatoon. Hopefully Nintendo will get their media crew to do it next time!

Final words.

So what have I got to say with this E3. Well it was decent to s degree, not completely mind blowing, though it wasn’t a disaster either. Mind you Aisha did appear again (urgh) and Nintendo Treehouse couldn’t figure out how an audio mixer works, but it could’ve been a lot worst. I’ll say that it was pretty balanced when it comes to presentation, sure some where better than others, but this is E3 after all, some presentations of games will be better than others. What was nice about this years E3 was that it wasn’t completely boring, Until Nintendo Treehouse played the same damn Twilight Castle of Hyrule Warriors 3 times in a row! But at least Microsoft wasn’t talking about TV all the time and Sony reduced the amount of numbers and stats in their presentation compared to years before. It might have not been the greatest E3 show, but it was definitely better than some years before it!