PlayStation Vita… TV?


Well this is certainly interesting… I thought this was a joke, kinda like how Nintendo announced the 2DS, which I still need to blog about. But as I’m typing this as it appear on Kotaku, let me say that the last few weeks have been totally barmy in the console industry as Sony and Microsoft release their next generation consoles! Get your straight jackets and enter a world of insanity that makes total sense!?


So yeah…  PlayStation Vita games on your TV with an actual Dual Shock 3!? Plus the console itself is slightly smaller than the controller to use it with! But as you do use a Dual Shock 3 with the Vita TV, Sony announced that not all Vita games will work on the Vita TV, as features such as touch screen, touch back panel, voice commands and camera are not on the Dual Shock 3. Make me wonder why they’re not releasing the Vita TV with a Dual Shock 4 pad, at least you’ll have touch input with that. Maybe there’ll be compatibly with the Dual Shock 4 in the future.

This did made me think of something though… I honestly believe that Sony released this console because of the Ouya. Think about it, the Ouya promotes indie games onto big HDTVs, whilst the Vita promotes indie development on the small portable screen…

Sony thinks, let’s make our own Ouya-like Micro-console with ETHERNET!!!


Boom! Not only is Amazon and Google making their own Android micro-consoles, but there’s now this, with indie developers behind it loving it hardcore. But it’s made by a company that’s made electronics since the 50s, and has way more experience in the gaming industry than what the Ouya Company has. Meaning that this little machine itself could easily knock the Ouya out of the Micro-Console market. Sony are planning to release two SKUs, a $100 model that’s just the console, a PSU and HDMI, for those who have plenty of dual shock 3s knocking about, and a $150 model that will come with a shiny pearl coloured controller.


It’s nice knowing you buddy… But you might be biting the dust soon… 🙁