Pickups at the Carboot sale. (09/Nov/14)

Today’s carboot sale was a bit better than then last time I went about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Even better was that I took my dictaphone with me to record what went on at the scene. You’ll be hearing that on the next episode of Stalking the Retro.


Oh yeah! I got myself two GameBoy pockets for £15! One of them is an original silver GameBoy Pocket with the silver bevel and missing battery indicator. The rear is a bit scratched up because uses that silver paint that scratches easily. But for £7.50 it was a steal over the £50 GameBoy Light at Retro Revival!


I got a crap ton of DVDs on the cheap too!I was able to offer the Lethal Weapon movies and ET to £6. Phoenix Nights and Jethro I got for a quid, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I got for a quid. The whole lot, including games and DVDs, came to £28. Today’s carboot sale was small with not as many stalls, but I was able to grab some awesome stuff at cheap prices!


So yeah, more GameBoys now. Time to collect the colours now I guess! lol!