Oh yes! This is happening! Half Minute Hero 2!


Finally, the sequel to the fastest RPG out there will be coming to the west on Steam! Half Minute Hero: The Second Coming had a bit of a quiet announcement as Kotaku showed off a video of a test version of the game with it’s Japanese text and logos in place, as the Half Minute Hero Facebook page showed off an image with a blurred out date on it.

For those who don’t know, Half Minute Hero started off as a freeware game on PC with a single level. The idea was to see how quickly you can beat a single level in under 30 seconds. The game got a full blown version on the PSP, and was released worldwide. A remake of the PSP game was made for XBox 360, even if it added modes to the game, it removed the other heroes in the game, no Princess 30, Evil Lord 30, and Knight 30 modes. Back in September of 2012, the Xbox 360 remake was ported to Steam, but had the missing content that was included in the PSP game put back in.

In 2011, a real sequel, called Yusha 30 The Second (Hero in 30 Seconds: The Second) got released on the Sony PSP, but it never got a released in the west. Until now…

Now there’s a real date for it, and it’s REALLY soon! So soon it’s THIS FRIDAY! Amazingly timed on my pay day! Meaning I’ll be picking this up with a copy of Goat Simulator too! 😀

So many awesome games coming out! It’s good to be a PC gamer at the moment!