Nintendo Direct January 2015 Report


Nintendo today broadcast another Nintendo Direct, the first one of 2015. There were a few new announcements, and lots of details about the official western release of the New 3DS.

Here’s the full Nintendo Direct broadcast for Europe and UK. It’s about 40 minutes long. However I’ll be providing each trailer down below with a paragraph for each one.

To start off the Nintendo Direct, they showed off the next Fire Emblem game. This time it has an interesting theme of East Vs West as you see European soldiers fighting against what look like Japanese Samurai. I thought this was going to be a direct sequel to Awakening because the same artist from before is working on it. However, Iwata did explain that this game has a very different story, and is not linked with Fire Emblem Awakening. Check out that Mouth of Truth monster too, that was pretty awesome! Could we be fighting huge beasts in the next Fire Emblem!?

Next there’s the big in Japan, Puzzle and Dragons game. We’ll be getting the game in the west soon, but what will be cool about the western edition of the game is that we’ll be getting Puzzle and Dragons Z and Puzzle and Dragon Super Mario Edition on the same cart! For those who don’t know, Puzzle and Dragons is a lot like a Bejewelled game, except you can move many pieces by dragging a single piece around the play field. You have a time limit on this though so you have to be quick on how many pieces you move around. Think of it as Puzzle Quest, but with new rules!


Nintendo announced that there’ll be better functionally for playing Wii games on the WiiU. One of these is being able to use the WiiU GamePad as a Classic controller for Wii games. Before this wasn’t possible, the GamePad could be used as a display for Wii games, but the buttons didn’t do anything. Now you can play games like Monster Hunter 3, Xenoblade, Last Story, and your virtual console games using the GamePad that came with your system without the need of an additional classic controller.


They also mentioned that classic Wii games will come to the eShop as downloadable games that can be launched from the WiiU front end without having to go into the Wii virtual machine. Today you can download Super Mario Galaxy 2, on the 22nd you can download Donkey Kong Country Returns, and on the 29th you can download Metroid Prime Trilogy. Out of these games I would get Metroid Prime Trilogy. Sure I already own the games, but I did miss out on the Trilogy pack for the Wii, and I’ll admit that the pointing controls on the Wii were better than the controls that were on the GameCube games! Each game even get an introductory discount too from £17.99 to £8.99. So if you didn’t get to play these games, you can get them pretty cheap!



New Amiibos were announced, Robin and Lucina from FireEmblem, PacMan, Wario, Charizard and Ness. However there’s going to be a new series of Amiibo called the Mario Collection. Nintendo Stated that the Amiboo from before are based on character from Smash Bros, but this new range makes them more friendlier and introduces Toad into the Amiibo range. Again I’m not too hot over these toys, but I will admit that I kinda want that PacMan one!

Now Mario Party 10 was announced last year at E3, but this time around they showed off something called Amiibo Party. Using Amiibo toys you can unlock this mode that brings out new boards to the game that uses the Amiibos as game board pieces. What made me chuckle about this is that the pieces have physics to them, meaning they can be knocked over, even by the dice. Is this an inspirational nod to Tabletop Simulator by any chance?

Namco Bandai announced their next game to be a WiiU exclusive free to play game tentatively named, Project Treasure. Not a lot of details were details, but I could swear that the faces that were shown in the video are Tekken characters. So could this be a novelty spin off game from Tekken?

They showed off some more stuff to Splatoon. This time they showed off some out-of-game sections such as the plaza, the tower, and the stores. I’m still excited to play this game!

A new trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles X was shown, not an awful lot new in this, but it at least shows off different environments that the planet has. They announced that it’ll be released this year. But when? They didn’t say…

Mario and Donkey Kong Tipping Stars was the next game they showed off. It’s another Lemming style puzzle game that the Mario and Donkey Kong games are known for. But the cool thing about this game is that if you purchase either the WiiU or 3DS version of the game, you’ll get a code for the other format for free! Double Licence games for the Win! Well done Nintendo! Hopefull we’ll be seeing more of this in the future!

The New 3DS was in full force in this Nintendo Direct, not only is there a Black, white, Blue and Monster Hunter editions of the New 3DS, but there’s going to be a Majora’s Mask 3D edition of the New 3DS too. It was announced that the official UK and European release of the New 3DS, Majora’s Mask 3D and the Majora’s Mask pack will be the 19th of February.


A rather unexpected announcement was the Nintendo Anime Channel for the 3DS. Not too sure why Nintendo is doing this, unless they’re having issues putting Crunchy Roll on the 3DS, seeing as it’s already on the WiiU. All that has been shown is the Pokemon anime and the Inazuma Eleven anime, which funny enough are both Nintendo franchises. This will release on the 13th of February.

Next we have Codename S.T.E.A.M. A game that most of us are aware as a new Nintendo franchise for the 3DS. This time they announced that S.T.E.A.M. will have Amiibo support for Fire Emblem characters. Personally it’s a little odd to have characters set in a Middle aged fantasy set in Steam Punk America, but I guess they thought seeing as S.T.E.A.M. is a Turn based strategy game, Fire Emblem would make a good match for S.T.E.A.M. Using your Fire Emblem Amiibos in the game will unlock Fire Emblem characters to use in the game.

For you Monster Hunter fans out there, Nintendo and Capcom announced that you can finally download the demo of the 3DS version today! So get your 3DS out and start hunting monsters!

The Nintendo Direct ended showing off an interesting third person shooter called IronFall. It take advantage of the New 3DS’ C Stick, but can still be used with previous systems. Typically Nintendo isn’t known for showing games like this off. I wonder what the Big N have in store for this?

In conclusion, it was a bit like any other Nintendo Direct, it was stuff we sort have already known with a dusting of new stuff to keep us on our feet. It would’ve been better if they showed off that Star Fox game that they didn’t announce at E3. Plus I would love to hear more details on the next Zelda game too. But the idea of downloading Wii games and the next Fire Emblem game were pretty damn interesting, so it wasn’t too bad to be honest. Just make us want a bit more Nintendo! Heh!

What did you think about today’s Nintendo Direct? What did you like? What did you dislike? Have you heard this before and wish Nintendo would announce something new? Tell me in the comments below!