Nintendo Direct 18/Dec/13


 Nintendo did their live “Nintendo Direct” video today at 2PM GMT. I missed it as I was doing Christmas shopping. But when I got back home I found a whole bunch of stuff waiting for me on Facebook and Kotaku. So let’s have a look at them…

The first thing I saw was the announcement of Super Mario Galaxy’s Princess Rosalina is to be included as a playable character in Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS. As much as I like the idea of more female characters to be added in the roster, personally I could name some better characters to add, like Impa from Zelda, though to be honest there’s already a crap ton of Zelda characters in Smash Bros anyway, maybe Paula from Earthbound, or Mona from WarioWare.

Next it was announced that Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright on the 3DS will be released in Europe on the 28th of March 2014! This is great news since Nintendo just released the last Professor Layton game, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. Hopefully this will keep the jolly top hat wearing chap going for that bit longer!

Next I saw Dr Luigi! Yeah… Since this is the Year of Luigi according to Nintendo, they’re going to force Mario’s lanky brother in our face again by making him the doctor trying to kill off viruses with vitamin pills. This time around though there’s a new play mode called “Operation L”, where rather than drop a single pill into the play field at a time, you drop two pills fused together to form an “L” shape, kinda like an “L” Tetromino in Tetris. It makes the game simpler for those who never played Dr Mario before. However in the multiplayer mode, “Operation L” gets tricky as when you start to build chains, you can scramble the colours of your opponent’s pill, making “Operation L” not as easy as you think.

The next one here will get NES fans excited! NES Remix is a downloadable game where people play mini games based on 16 NES classic games! Think of it like WarioWare, but it’s only NES games. The video shows different ways of playing each game such as beating Mario Levels where it’s covered in slippery ice, play Donkey Kong as Link!? and trying to get the ball into the 1000 point lane in Pinball. The retro lovers like myself will like this game!

Lastly, I saw this… and what…? Zelda and Dynasty Warriors crossover? Nintendo is doing it again… Rather than show off a “Real” game, they show off a substitute. All I can say to this is “Why bother?” Firstly I’m not a huge fan of the Dynasty Warriors/Musou games. They’re just a bunch of mindless action games with some of the worst enemy AI that just makes them act stupid so you can attack a whole bunch of them at once. You see there’s been more than one Dynasty Warriors/Musou crossovers before, such as Gundam, Kamen Rider and One Piece. But Zelda now? Come on Nintendo you can do better than this! Just work hard and get the games that we’ve been waiting for, otherwise the WiiU will fail badly…