I rule at shopping!

Seriously! I’m officially calling the 3rd Sunday of March “Awesome Shopping Sunday”. I can’t believe what I managed to swag up! To start it off, I barely got a wink of sleep last night, so at about 6:30 am, I got into the shower, got dressed, and actually got to the local car boot sale when it starts at 7:00 am, as opposed to the other times I get there, which is sometimes 9 or 10 am. Seriously though, even though I didn’t get a huge supply of games, people are selling off DVDs at 50p a disc! I mean man, maybe Netflix really is destroying the physical video media market if the customers are willing to sell their films and TV Box sets it dirty low prices!


Not only did I get a butt ton of DVDs, but I got an awesome Homer Simpson tin toy I got for a fiver that I found can sell up to £60 on eBay!

The games I got were Command and Conquer The First Decade, I installed it, works fine, but the colours are messed up. There’s some issue with running it in Windows 7. I got Simpsons Hit and Run, SSX, Nintendo World Soccer, Road Rash, Grand Theft Auto 1, Gran Turismo 2 and Guitar Hero Rock’n 80s.


Oh, but that’s not all though! GOG.com is running a St. Patrick’s Day promotion called the “Luck of the Irish” where you can select up to five titles at a reduced price. but lets say you own a lot of the game already, or you don’t know what to pick, there’s a “Pick a Pot of Gold” button. Click this, and it’s a random game that you pay $2 for, that isn’t on the set promo list. I picked 4 games, Dust, The Swapper, the two Unwritten Tales games, and one pot of gold for a total of $14. My pot of gold game would turn out to be Alien Shooter! Now granted, the “Shooter” series is a franchise you either love to death, or loath to your grave. But I had a blast playing the demo on Steam, and managed to pick up the Zombie Shooter games on the cheap, but missed out on Alien Shooter. Now I got it, and I got it cheaper than a sandwich!

Awesome shopping experiences today! I wonder what the rest of the day has for me!?