I really want this game! Crawl.


Indie, Willy and myself are big fans of the new Gauntlet game that was released back in September. However I totally missed out on another hack and slash action game that was released on Steam Early Access in August.

I just stumbled onto this game today and thought it was pretty amazing! The idea is that it’s a 4 player dungeon crawling hack and slash game, but there’s only one human character. The other players act as ghosts that can possess other monsters in each room of the dungeon and they have to attack the human player until he dies. As the Human player dies, one of the ghost players can take the body, reanimate it, and continue the game as the human character. In other words, it sounds just like PacMan Vs, but with Gauntlet style gameplay instead!

Crawl is available on Steam Early Access here, or you can purchase it from Humble Bundle where you can own both the Steam version and DRM-free version here.

There’s one thing to consider about this game though. At the moment it’s just another local multiplayer only game, similar to that of Tower Fall and Samurai Gunn. Personally I hope they’ll be an online mode available for the final game. PCs are just not local multiplayer friendly, especially if it’s a PC on a desk. These kinds of games are great to show off at parties and events, but at home it might not be so great unless you have friends who don’t mind playing multiplayer around a desk looking at a 21 inch display. Fingers crossed eh?

So what do you think of Crawl? Have you got it already? Do you plan on getting it because you read this blog? Write in the comments below!