Happy Birthday Nintendo!


A little late I know, seeing as it’s half past midnight for me, but it’ll be still day time for readers in the US. However, Nintendo today, on the 23rd of September, is a super big (or very old) 125 years old!

So here’s a big…

Happy Birthday Nintendo!

For those who don’t know, Nintendo began business in 1889 making Hanafuda playing cards.


They went into making toys, including making their own version of Lego!


Go ahead to www.beforemario.com to see all the toys, board games and gadgets that Nintendo made before they got into manufacturing video games.

How much do you know about Nintendo?! Did you know that Nintendo is 125 years old? Did you ever know that Nintendo plagiarised Lego and got away with it!? Write down what you know, and not know in the comments below!