GreatBitVlog 4: “New” 3DS, Shulk in Super Smash Bros… wait a minute!


Japan today got a Nintendo Direct today, and a few things got announced. There’s a “New” 3DS coming out with a second stick which is just one of those IBM ThinkPad nipples. But a character got revealed that might mean that some “Other” character might be revealed soon… Maybe… Please…

For those who missed out on this Nintendo Direct, here’s the video for Shulk’s reveal!

And here’s that “New” 3DS we “really” need… (I mean really, whoo! an extra 15% battery…)

What do you guys think of the “New” (and pointless) 3DS? Does Shulk turn you on to Smash Bros WiiU/3DS? Will “THAT” one character appear in Smash!? Write in the comments below!