GreatBitVlog 14: Willy’s big awesome box of GameBoy games!


I’m perfectly aware that I’m a lazy son of a bitch who’ll do everything half arsed. Such as release a Vlog on Youtube, but not release it on my own damn web site! Not to mention it’s a pretty big deal seeing as it’s a big box of GameBoy games sent to me from the hella awesome William Culver, the host of the Arcade USA show on Youtube. But let me get this over and done with; honestly though, I should’ve done this a week ago!

So yeah! Check that out! Such an awesome box to open up!


So here’s all the games that came from that one box, minus the Four Player Adapter. So many great games in there. I’ve been playing quite a lot of The Hunt for the Red October, Final Fantasy Legend 2, and Heiankyo Alien.

Here’s the whole list of the games I got from Willy’s box!

  • Final Fantasy Adventure
  • Final Fantasy Legend 2
  • Final Fantasy Legend 3
  • Gogo Tank
  • Lock ‘n’ Chase
  • The Hunt for the Red October
  • Solar Striker
  • Mole Mania
  • Felix the Cat
  • Tetris Blast
  • Heiankyo Alien
  • Mr Chin’s Gourmet Paradise
  • Hyper Lode Runner
  • Revenge of the Gator
  • Burger Time Deluxe
  • Super R.C. Pro AM
  • F1 Race
  • Kwirk
  • Game & Watch Gallery 3
  • Game Theft Auto
  • Tetris DX
  • Montezuma’s Return (I stupidly called Montezuma’s Revenge in the video)
  • Prince of Persia
  • Super Mario Bros Deluxe
  • Ms PacMan (GameGear)
  • Baku Baku Animal (GameGear)
  • Arcade Classics (GameGear)
  • Mickey’s Speed Way USA (N64)



As mentioned in the video, a few of the carts had names written on them, it wasn’t a big issue seeing as most were written on the back, plus it’s awesome to know those who previously owned these games. But Ms. Kim slapped her name on the front of the Game & Watch Gallery 3 cartridge. Not only on the front, but on the label too! Grr… Still, I’d love to meet these people who previously owned these games!


Whoever owned these games previously didn’t look after them well. Especially the Final Fantasy Adventure cartridge which is almost brown in colour!

IMG_2644 IMG_2647 IMG_2650

The Mole Mania cartridge was really filthy! There’s dust, dirt, and even a little bit of battery corrosion in there! I’ll need to open up this cartridge one day and give this a proper clean!

Not only that, but the companies for whom Willy bought these games from used labels with really strong glue, meaning they were a pain to remove, especially when they leave glue on the plastic! I spent some time cleaning those carts up using a bit of isopropyl alcohol to rub the glue off the plastic of the cartridges.


I got out my old boot box that I have been using to keep my loose portable gaming stuff inside. I reorganised it and put the name games in there as snug as a bug! Love it! I hope to make my GameBoy collection even bigger!

What do you think of my Unboxing video? Ever received a box with that many games inside it!? Ever spent hours cleaning up carts that people neglected? Tell me in the comments below!